14 gorgeous bathroom designs to guide your next home improvement


Whether we like to talk about it or not, the time we spend in the bathroom is precious | Source: Nicole Franzen

Whether we like to talk about it or not, the time we spend in the bathroom is precious. This is where some of our most intimate moments take place. So, not only should it perform well, but it should be designed for optimal comfort and luxury. While some bathrooms are large enough to have all the fixings like walk-in showers, small bathrooms can still make a splash. Designed with luxurious materials like marble and brass, here are 14 bathroom designs you’ll want to have for your next home improvement.

1. Concrete curves

A perfect match for the minimalist interior design trend, concrete is a simple way to add texture and understated sophistication to your bathroom. Incorporated into the bathroom in various shades, the curved concrete softens the material’s sometimes harsh aesthetic to allow it to weave seamlessly into a neutral palette.

2. Green screen

The love of green in interiors is not going anywhere anytime soon. This green bathroom shows that the more subdued shades of green are the ultimate hue for your bathroom tiles, complementing the marble, brass and silver accents.

3. A touch of wood

While a classic all-white bathroom never goes out of style, adding a touch of wood is a simple way to inject warmth into an otherwise cold-enough bathroom. Whether it’s wood cabinets, shelving, or a towel rack, wood is a versatile, textured tone worth bringing into the bathroom.

4. A touch of the 60s

While this trend may not be popular with everyone, the nostalgic use of pink fairy silk checks can make a stylish impact when done right. Decorated with touches of modern brass and mid-century furnishings and you have a chic step back in time.

5. Oasis of the rainforest

Houseplants are another indoor trend that is not going to go away. Now a mainstay of every room in the home, a rainforest-like bathroom filled with leafy houseplants is a sure-fire way to create a jungle oasis in your own home.

6. Abstract bathtub

If you are looking to move away from the tried and true standard bathroom layout, bringing in a freestanding tub is sure to create visual interest in your bathroom or bath. Add an abstract-shaped tub to the mix and you’ve got a real bathroom to the left of the center. We can’t get enough of this striking bathroom at the iconic Cove House.

7. Monochromatic moments

With splashes of marble, modern bathrooms continue to find their way back to matte black. Creating an elegant statement in the form of sinks and faucets, the monochrome look is another bathroom style that exudes luxury.

8. Rain showers

Providing the ultimate showering experience, rainfall showerheads have been a staple feature in bathrooms for some time now. But this rain shower and tub takes the concept to the next level, creating a spa-style haven in the comfort of your own home.

9. Copper tones

Whether it is exposed copper pipes or coppery tiles, the use of warmth-imparting copper is a staple feature in industrial style bathrooms and continues to be used in hall walls. bath.

10. Opulent lighting

Who said chandeliers were for the hallway? Elevate your bathroom by providing opulent lighting, like this modern chandelier, which adds drama and accentuates the vertical space of your bathroom.

11. Illuminated skylights

Providing unfiltered natural light, skylights are a great way to bring a bathroom to life. When placed over the shower, skylights can provide a refreshing early morning wake-up call as well as a direct view of the night sky during the evening.

12. Art Deco wall lights

The trend for Art Deco wall lights continues with the theme of lighting. Creating visual interest in our bathroom wall, wall sconces bring a feeling of luxury and are a sure way to add a bit of Hollywood glamor to your bathroom.

13. Black statement

Allowing the faucets and contrasting finishes to really stand out, a trendy black bathroom adds a touch of drama and dark sophistication. A sleek black canvas also makes any houseplants really stand out.

14. Spa-style wet rooms

Offering a space-saving solution for small bathrooms and the feeling of stepping into a spa when incorporated on a larger scale, wet rooms are the ultimate addition to the bathroom. Perfect for those who enjoy languid baths in the tub, the powder room design has recently become a popular feature in bathrooms.


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