3 easy tips for home furniture


Do you love your furniture, but are tired of it looking worn? There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on new parts. Save money and avoid furniture shipment delays by making your worn-out pieces look and feel like new with these simple home furniture hacks – no replacement needed!

Wipe away heat marks with a salty soak.

Want to eliminate white rings left behind after placing a hot item on a wooden surface? Mix salt with a few drops of olive oil until a body scrub-like texture forms and apply to the stain, then leave for 30 minutes before wiping off, says Harry Peters of the skincare company. TidyChoice cleaning. The oil reopens the pores of the wood and the salt removes the moisture responsible for the stains.

Level a wobbly table with wine corks.

Fixing an uneven table leg is as easy as opening a bottle of wine, says Jo-Anna Rooney, owner of APrettyLifeInTheSuburbs.com. “Just grab the cork and cut a thin disc, then use wood glue to attach the disc to the bottom of the shorter table leg. Keep adding more disks until the table is aligned. Not only is the cork barely noticeable, but it will also protect your floors from scratches.

Fill wooden furniture bumps with a walnut rub.

If the legs of your dining table chairs or coffee table look scratched and worn, the hazelnut solution is probably already in your pantry! Simply remove a nut from its shell and apply light pressure to rub the nut over any dents or scratches. “Then rub the area with your finger, this helps the wood absorb the walnut oil, which will expand it and close the scratch,” says Brad Holden, editor of FamilyHandyman.com. If the scratch is too big for the walnut magic, try using a furniture marker (find it at a DIY store) in a shade that matches the wood to fill in the scratch.

Renew a leather chair with coconut oil.

A little coconut oil is enough to restore worn and cracked leather furniture, says Peters. Simply dip a rag in the oil and rub in a circular motion over the worn surface. Leave on for 10 minutes, then buff with a soft, clean cloth. The oil lifts dirt and moisturizes the leather, eliminating small surface cracks.

Breathe new life into a mattress with a pillow support.

A sagging mattress looks worse and can impact sleep quality, but before you buy a new one, try this tip from Rachel Singer, founder of MashupMom.com. “Raise the mattress and put a pillow under where the sag is – use a second pillow if there are footprints from two people – then lie down to check if the pillow is in the right place and adjust -it if necessary!”

With home items more expensive than ever, it’s worth looking for alternative measures to spruce up your home. Hope these home furniture hacks will make them look brand new!


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