5 home furnishings that will last a lifetime


A comfortable bed

It’s no exaggeration to say that a good mattress can change your life. The average adult spends about a third of their life sleeping, so having a comfortable place to rest is beneficial. Although the level of firmness is a matter of personal preference, a quality mattress should still provide support and breathability. The best test is whether you feel well rested in the morning.

Ergonomic seats

Working from home ceased to be a novelty two years ago. Now, 78% of Australian workers who can work remotely want to work hybrid or only from home. More than half of us also work outside of our “standard” hours at least once a week.

Since the WFH is here to stay, having the right setup for your study or home office is essential, and ergonomic seating is worth every penny.

When choosing an ergonomic chair, look for one with adjustable armrests, seat height and tilt. The back should provide good lumbar support and also have a height and tilt adjustment mechanism.

A modular storage system

Books, records, framed photographs, vases full of flowers, little details like these make a house a home. But they also need a surface to sit on and be arranged in whimsical vignettes.

This is the romantic side of shelving and storage systems, but there is also the very practical need to have a place to put your things. Whether you opt for open shelving or prefer to store everything out of sight in consoles and cabinets, having a system that meets your home’s needs is well worth the investment.

These rooms can often be large, so think about how different styles will work with other rooms in your home. A modular option can be a smart choice as it can be expanded or reconfigured as your storage needs change.

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