5 kitchen cleaning hacks to speed up summer chores


Cleaning can be a hassle all year round, but during the summer months it can be especially daunting to stay indoors to scrub when you’d rather be outside soaking up the sun. Luckily, you can tidy up your kitchen and have it smelling fresh in just an hour using these five easy cleaning tips. Use the following kitchen cleaning tips and get out in the sun earlier.

Use leftover lemon zest for scrubbing and flavoring

After squeezing your lemons for fresh lemonade or other citrus recipes, put those leftover peels to work. Noell Jettwho regularly shares cleaning tips and organization tips on his TikTok account, recommends soaking your peels in baking soda and scrubbing your dishes and stainless steel sink with it. When you’re done, discard the peelings for a fresh, lemony smell. “You can also place your peels in a microwave safe bowl with 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water, put the bowl in the microwave on high power for 2 minutes, then let sit an additional 5 minutes to allow steam to permeate the [microwave’s] stains and odors,” Jett shares with First for women. Finally, remove the bowl and wipe down your microwave with a microfiber towel.

Take care of your refrigerator

The summer heat can force your fridge to work overtime, so Jett says now is a great time to make sure it’s clean and nothing’s stuck in the vent or coils. . Start by unplugging the refrigerator and removing it from the wall. Then, sweep up any debris or crumbs and “prepare a solution of mild dish, vinegar, and warm water,” says Jett. “Wipe the walls, baseboards and floor with your cleaning solution and a broom rag. Remove your refrigerator’s vent grill or cover, located at the base or back, and vacuum thoroughly to remove any dust that has collected on your coils. Finally, plug the fridge back in and put it back in place.

Refresh your cutting boards

Summer means incorporating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits into your cooking. So your cutting boards will probably get a lot of use. Take a moment to sanitize and freshen them up for the season. Start by scrubbing the boards with warm soapy water, then rinse thoroughly. Then, Jett suggests sprinkling them liberally with coarse salt and baking soda, and scrubbing with half a lemon. “Let the juice drain out to form a paste,” recommends Jett. “Then let this mixture sit for five minutes and scrape it into your sink or trash can. Let the planks dry, then seal them with a natural oil.

Scrub your trash cans

The heat of summer means a higher risk of fruit flies and lingering odors in your kitchen, so keeping your trash cans clean and sanitized is an important step to ensuring a smelly, pest-free kitchen. Start by taking out your trash bags and removing any visible food or trash that has slipped past the liners. Take your containers outside if possible and rinse them with your garden hose. If that’s not possible, you can use your shower — just be sure to sanitize it afterwards, advises Jett.

“Spray the cans with a mixture of 1 cup warm water, 4 cups vinegar, and about ½ cup dish soap. Use a scrub brush — my favorite is the Rubbermaid Reveal Scrubber (Buy it on Amazon, $19.99) – or you can keep a toilet bowl brush just for this task and scrub your trash can inside and out,” says Jett. Finally, rinse your trash cans, making sure not to let them drain near plants if you are outside. To disinfect, spray on your favorite disinfectant and let sit for the recommended time before rinsing. Let the box air dry, then sprinkle a little baking soda on the bottom before replacing the liner – this will help keep it smelling fresh until your next deep cleaning.

Wipe down your cupboards

If your kids are home for the summer, you might notice that your cupboard doors look a little less worn thanks to all the extra hands reaching for snacks and drinks throughout the day. To wipe down your cabinets, Jett suggests filling a mop bucket with half warm water and half vinegar, plus a squirt of dish soap. “I love using the O’Cedar Spin Mop (Get it on Amazon, $32.97) with a clean mop head for this because it wrings out the extra liquid,” Jett shares. “Use your mop to wipe down your cabinets, starting at the top and working down. If there are any heavily soiled areas, spray Dawn Power Wash and let it soak for a few minutes before scrubbing. Use an old dusting brush. tines or a Rubbermaid Reveal Scrubber to get into crevices and around your knobs and handles.Use a mop cloth to wipe up any visible drips to prevent them from bending.

Step back, enjoy your gleaming cabinets (plus clean fridge, trash cans, cutting boards, and microwave) and step outside to enjoy your day!


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