5 smart Christmas ornament storage tips that really work


Pack the trinkets? There’s nothing wrong with storing your Christmas decorations in an old cardboard box, but being a little more organized can make the process less stressful next year.

“Taking Christmas decorations apart in the New Year can be quite unsatisfying as you wrap up the holiday season, compared to decorating hallways,” says Kirstie Batty, merchandising manager at GTSE.

“However, to make your future easier, it’s important to make sure everything from baubles and decorations to lights are tidy to avoid damage and frustrating tangles for the upcoming Christmas season.”

With that, find out how to store yours like a pro …

1. Avoid tangled lights

If you want to avoid dealing with knotted masses of tree lights all together, experts have revealed a way to combat the tangle: use cable ties to keep them from entwining.

When putting away your lights, simply wrap the length of the lights around your hand to create a loop. Then secure it with one or two cable ties and put them away for the next year. Tip: Use labeled cable ties to remind you which lights go where in your home. This will greatly facilitate the decoration.

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2. Pack the balls in reusable bags

Raise your hand if you have more trinkets than you know what to do with. While it can be difficult to store them all neatly (especially if you no longer have their original packaging), a simple storage tip is to place them all in labeled reusable bags.

“To keep your balls and ornaments in order of color and style, you can place similar items in a reusable sandwich or freezer bag, then store them in their usual large storage bins,” say the DIY experts. by GTSE.

“It makes it a lot easier than just putting all the items in a large bin and rummaging through it to find the decorations you need for the next year. “

3. Use egg cartons for the small balls

Keep all your little balls safe and sound until next year by using empty egg cartons for storage. For delicate glass ornaments, you can add a cotton ball to protect from possible breakage.

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4. Label everything

“To avoid having to dig through all of your decorating boxes next year, be sure to label each box so you can easily find everything from your tree decorations to your lights to your party gonks. Christmas, ”explains GTSE.

“If you don’t have ready-made labels, you can always use paper-based tape, like masking tape, and write whatever you need on it.”

5. Use hangers to store wreaths

Instead of putting wreaths in plastic boxes, try hanging them around a hanger and covering them with a dust bag. Treat wreaths with the same care you would give to your favorite evening dress, then hanging it in your wardrobe or on the back of a door. You will thank yourself next Christmas.

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