5 websites for renting home furniture


New to town? Well, we all know that moving furniture is always a tedious task just like buying a new one because let’s face it, it’s like an investment and investments are risky. So why worry about buying new ones when you can rent them at incredibly low prices? Free delivery, easy maintenance and hassle-free exchange – do you need more incentives? Also considering the rise of the work-from-home culture and the need for a comfortable workstation right in your home, we bring you a list of the best online stores to rent furniture!


Rentomojo is one of the most trusted websites for renting furniture and appliances. Their packages and combos are complete in themselves and add a touch of beauty to your home. They have some really great deals and policies, like use first, pay later! Whether it’s your business needs or you just want to try your hand at a new mobile phone, now you know where to look.


Furlenco offers excellent, carefully selected packages to complete and enhance your home. Their designs are inspired by users and furniture is uniquely crafted by in-house experts to solve your everyday problems. Offering a variety of options for your interior needs, Furlenco has excellent customer service, ranging from free delivery, maintenance, upgrades and they even cover damage and deep cleaning costs. .


Your vision of a modern and comfortable apartment can be realized at an affordable price if you consider Fabrento for your rental needs. Whether it’s beautiful furniture for your bedrooms or your workstation or even household appliances, they have it all. Couple that with responsive customer service and you’re good to go.

City furniture

City Furnish is a leading rental store that offers lucrative discounts to new users. They bring an eclectic mix of furniture and furnishings to your doorstep. Their layouts are inspired by the Indian urban user and the way they live at home. What we like the most is the free upgrade policy where if you get bored with a product, you can upgrade to a higher version without paying extra!


Rentickle offers a unique range of stylish, trendy and ultra-modern products at affordable rentals. We are committed to serving our customers with the widest range of furniture and home appliances. Our furniture is intelligently designed to provide both comfort and functionality.

Your home is your canvas, so let your imagination run wild and choose from the best online furniture stores and find furniture that complements your vibe! Good rental!


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