5J Building Group discusses the top home improvement trends in 2021


Building group 5J reports that many kitchens across the country have been renovated this year. Australians found themselves cooking more often than ever as they were unable to eat out during the lockdowns; this required major kitchen upgrades. The renovation industry has seen kitchens become more versatile and functional. Rather than just being a place to prepare meals and wash dishes, they have become a central hub: parents work from home at the kitchen bench, children finish their homework at the kitchen table, families pass the time experimenting with new recipes and Australians everywhere are working on their cooking skills.

Of course, with the increase in time spent at home with housemates, partners and families, Australians all needed a bit of privacy, says 5J Building Group. The bathrooms have been transformed into private sanctuaries, providing a relaxing oasis for a well-deserved moment of solitude. Industry experts have reported a 20% increase in average bathroom renovation spend over the course of 2021. Homeowners have sought to maximize their bathroom’s potential and create the most soothing as possible.

In keeping with the theme of an increased need for privacy, many homeowners have done away with open floor plans this year. More formal dining rooms were built, kitchens were sectioned off, and walls were built in all houses. 5J Building Group speculates that it helped locked-down Australians create a sense of distance and boundary between their home and their ‘office’, allowing them to retreat to spaces where they could relax after the working day.

As states emerge from lockdowns, restrictions ease and travel resumes, 5J Building Group looks forward to what 2022 will mean for home renovation tendencies. Contact them today to learn more about their services or to start a home expansion or renovation project.

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