Age-appropriate tasks for a 9-year-old


As our children get older, it can be a little sad. We realize that the days of them being our baby are over and we may not be holding them like we used to. That’s enough to bring tears to any mother’s eyes, but there are plenty of benefits for our growing children.

As they age, they begin to become more adept at taking on certain responsibilities. They can help around the house, cook their own lunch, and even walk to school. These moments of freedom for mom can often compensate for the fact that she missed the baby days.

When a child turns into a preteen, they should be able to help with some household chores. I hope it’s something mom has already implemented and their child has done some light chores around the house.

Whether mom is looking for more challenging chores or wants to start introducing chores, we have 10 age-appropriate ones for a 9-year-old.

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ten Empty the dishwasher

The dishwasher was a great invention, and it’s been helping moms for years now, but there’s still the hassle of emptying it when the dishes are clean.

According WebMDa 9-year-old child is capable of emptying the dishwasher themselves, provided they know where everything is going.

9 Change bed

If mom has more than one child, it’s easy to see how exhausting changing all the beds in the house can be.

When your child turns 2, he should be able to change his sheets and remake them, according to School. They may need some simple instructions, but they’ll understand.

8 Set the table

At dinnertime, it’s a good idea to ask your 9-year-old to set the table.

According Large schools, they can define what everyone needs and they should be able to clear the table when everyone is done. It might not be their chore every night, but once or twice a week is fine.

seven Clean the bathroom

According Your modern familyyour tween is ready to start bigger cleaning jobs, like the bathroom. You can start with a smaller bathroom, but they should be able to know how to clean the bathroom, or at least how to change towels and wipe down counters.

It’s a big job that they can take off mom’s plate, and it gives them more responsibility.

6 Folding laundry

Moms always complain about how much laundry they have to do, but their child should be able to help them now. If mom needs to wash their clothes, she should be able to put everything on their bed, and they can fold them up and put them away.

Don’t just stick to their clothes, ask them to occasionally help you take care of each family member.

5 Take care of an animal

If you have pets at home, your child can probably start getting involved in their care. They can help give the animal food and/or water, treats.

If they have a pet that requires a walk, they may not be old enough to do it on their own yet, but they should be able to let it out in the yard and let it in.

Such tasks will depend on the individual maturity of each child.

4 To clean the windows

A 9-year-old is more than ready to hold a spray bottle and a towel, which means he can be tasked with washing windows. Even if they have to use a stepladder to reach the top, they should be able to clean them perfectly.

3 Preparing breakfast

No one will expect their 9-year-old to cook a gourmet meal for everyone, but simple recipes should come easy for him. They should be able to cook their own breakfast or make sandwiches for everyone. Mom can give them this task occasionally. This will be especially useful when everyone is back in school.

2 watch young children

They may not be able to watch over their younger siblings for long periods of time, but they should be able to keep an eye on them when Mom is home. If mom has a phone call to make or needs a shower, they should be able to look after their siblings for short periods of time.

1 watering the plants

If mom has plants around her house, everyone benefits from the oxygen and the beauty. At 9 years old, your child should be able to take a small watering can and water the plants. It’s something that’s only done once a week, so it’s not much to put on their shoulders.

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