Amy Shark says she’ll do Mark McGowan’s chores if he reopens WA


Amy Shark is so keen on returning to WA that she has signed up to do household chores for the state’s premier, Mark McGowan.

Last week, McGowan put state reopening plans (scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 5) on the back burner, postponing border reopenings indefinitely. In a statement, McGowan said of the COVID 19 restrictions: “All I’m trying to do is make sure we’re prepared and our vaccination rates are right, especially for the elderly or immunocompromised.

So ardent is Shark to return to WA, she wrote a light-hearted open letter to McGowan, going so far as to offer him domestic services. Under current border restrictions, Shark – along with her touring support numbers, Evie and Teenage Joans – are ineligible to participate.

Yesterday (January 30), Shark – who is due to perform at the RAC Arena in Perth on February 26 – wrote: “I really really want to come back to see Perth, I miss the people and I really want to play my show on February 26. I will do anything before the show [–] I’ll wash your car, mow your lawn, cook you dinner, clean your gutters, please let us in.

Fans responded and joined Shark’s call, offering their perspective on the already lengthy restrictions in WA, pointing out exceptions made for sports, quarantine rules and more.

Earlier this month, the WA government announced financial support for live music operators following the coronavirus outbreak. McGowan described the government’s new effort as “a generous multi-million dollar package” that “[recognises] the impact of unrecoverable losses and higher trading levels for these companies during the holiday season”.


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