Badcock Home Furniture & more named one of the highest rated companies on the wood furniture scorecard


Badcock Home Furniture and more was named one of the top rating companies on the Wooden furniture dashboard, a joint initiative of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). This initiative encourages furniture retailers to implement policies that promote responsible sourcing of wood through company supply chains.

“Badcock developed a policy and then worked diligently and expeditiously to share it with all of its suppliers,” said SFC CEO Susan Inglis. “This is the kind of focused and swift action we all need to take to do our part in solving so many sustainability issues. I congratulate the whole team, it comforts me to see this proof of commitment.

“We have always focused on the needs of our customers – and since we both share a deep concern for the health and safety of our planet, becoming a responsible member of the SFC was a logical next step for us,” said said Badcock chairman and CEO Rob Burnette. “Our commitment to best practices means reducing our carbon footprint, promoting sustainability and working for a healthy future. “

Over 50% of Badcock’s wood furniture is responsibly sourced, certified as sustainable, and / or contains reclaimed or recycled components. Badcock also works with its suppliers on an ongoing basis to eliminate wood from unacceptable sources and gradually increase the amount of certified and recycled wood from reclaimed sources.

Responsible sourcing of wood is just one of the many ways Badcock is dedicated to best practice. The company is also committed to reducing carbon emissions, consumer health and the environment, waste reduction, water management and product circularity.

To learn more about all of Badcock’s efforts focused on safety, stewardship and sustainability, visit

About WS Badcock Corporation
Founded in 1904, WS Badcock Corporation is one of the largest privately held home furnishings companies in the United States. Headquartered in Mulberry, Florida, its more than 380 company stores and associated dealers employ more than 2,500 people in eight southeastern states. Its Badcock Home Furniture & more branded stores offer a full line of furniture, appliances, bedding, electronics, home office, accessories and seasonal items while providing easy internal financing for its customers. . The company has been named “Retailer of the Year 2018” by the National Home Furnishings Association. For more information visit

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