Badcock Home Furniture pledges to raise $ 117,000 for the American Red Cross


WS Badcock Corporation today announced a partnership with the American Red Cross in honor of Badcock’s 117th birthday to help raise $ 117,000 for those affected by disasters. From July 20 to August 16, Badcock store customers will be able to scan a unique QR code at checkout to donate, with all contributions going directly to the American Red Cross. The furniture company has pledged to match donations up to $ 58,500.

With a long history of focusing on customer needs, Badcock also has a reputation for extending this focus to the needs of its local communities. The company and its stores have regularly supported local charities, schools and community organizations with supplies and financial assistance. The partnership with the Red Cross is important for the Southeastern furniture company, as its stores, dealers and communities are often affected by natural disasters.

“We are thrilled to partner with the American Red Cross as it allows us to help our communities on a much larger scale, especially during peak hurricane season,” said Rob Burnette, President and Chief Executive Officer. direction of Badcock. “Supporting others in times of crisis is important, and the Red Cross is an organization that does it tirelessly, in our local communities and around the world. “

“We are very grateful to have a partner company like Badcock Home Furniture & more committed to supporting our mission,” adds Michael Ryan, vice president of development, South East and Caribbean. “We rely on our community partners to provide hope and help when people need it most, especially during disasters. This generous gift from Badcock Home Furniture & more shows their dedication to those we serve.

In addition to in-store donations via the QR code, people can donate here by credit or debit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay. Payment is also accepted by mail or telephone. Customers who donate in-store will receive an “I Donated” sticker and are encouraged to post photos on social media with #BadcockRedCross.


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