Briuna Shoulders owns a party decoration business


BROCTON —– Balloons by Bre LLCa flower arrangement and balloon business, started when a local woman decorated her daughter’s baby shower in 2019. From that day on, it was a perfect wedding.

“I fell in love with balloons the second I hosted my daughter’s baby shower and realized I could do it. I started decorating events for my family and friends without charging them Everyone around me encouraged me to start a business, so I did,” Briuna Shoulders, owner of Balloons by Bre LLCmentioned.

Shoulders started his business, and then the pandemic hit. She wondered what she should do now? So many businesses that had been operating for decades have been closed and many have never reopened.

This left the entrepreneur wondering about his next move.

Instead of stopping because of a health crisis, Shoulders adapted to its new environment and started setting up contactless balloon garlands. Customers could purchase a complete kit to safely install their balloon garlands in their homes for their small gatherings.

Brockton native Briuna Shoulders of Quincy, featured here Thursday, May 5, 2022, loves her business and being an entrepreneur.  Her business has grown even during COVID, and she hopes to one day open a store and also design and arrange flowers with a staff to help keep the business growing.

After COVID restrictions were lifted, Shoulders again hosted and planned in-person events.

Currently, shoulders have gained popularity with customers in Brockton and surrounding areas.

“Every weekend I’m sold out. I have three to four events on Friday and Saturday. It’s a blessing to know that people appreciate my work, and the excitement I bring to my clients is worth it. totally worth it,” Shoulders said.

The arrangement company offers a variety of decorations ranging from balloon garlands, floral arrangements, stuffed balloon bouquets, letter balloons, balloon walls, and balloon column arches.

Shoulders loves a good DIY and finds inspiration in art and life. She runs her business from home with the help of her boyfriend, who assists her with every setup.

“I taught myself how to make balloon art from YouTube and other DIY creators. There’s so much undiscovered knowledge on the internet,” Shoulders said.

For every design she creates, Brockton native Briuna Shoulders of Quincy pays close attention to every detail to ensure it comes out exactly as she envisioned it, as seen here on Thursday, May 5, 2022 .

Some of the challenges Shoulders faces in running a successful business are overwhelming orders.

On Easter, the goal was to sell 25 Easter baskets, but Shoulders was slammed with more than 100 orders, she said.

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Shoulders bought an Easter Bunny costume and asked her boyfriend to dress up as an Easter Bunny to deliver the baskets to the kids.

“The excitement of the kids was breathtaking. I never thought it would be so fun to watch the kids play with their baskets, and they thought Easter was real because of the bunny. It was such an experience. amazing,” Shoulders said.

Briuna Shoulders of Quincy, originally from Brockton, uses several tools to help her inflate the balloons she works with, often to exact sizes and measurements, as seen here Thursday, May 5, 2022.

One of the steps Shoulders took to start her business was learning how to make balloon and flower arrangements from YouTube and other sites. Second, she took to social media to promote and advertise her business to her friends and family.

“I was handing out business cards at every event, and while shopping at the mall, I take every opportunity I have to promote myself and the business,” Shoulders said.

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Shoulders created a simple business plan and started executing it. At first, she didn’t have a lot of money and resources, but she wasn’t deterred by this fact.

After inflating the balloon, Brockton native Briuna Shoulders of Quincy struggles to find the right fitting to match the other balloons she applied to the product for her client on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

“You don’t need a lot to start a business. You just have to start small and progress. That’s how I slowly built up my inventory and grew steadily. There’s no no rush,” Shoulders said.

As the business grows, Shoulders hopes to one day pass it on to his children.

Shoulders is a mother of two who graduated from Brockton High School in 2009. The entrepreneur’s greatest motivation is her children and her ability to pass on generational wealth with her business, Balloons By Bre.

“Are you learning every day? Are you growing every day? Are you challenging every day? If so, that’s the key to success!” Shoulders said. “The best advice I can give to someone starting a business is, no matter what obstacles you face, just keep going and keep striving for greatness.”

To inquire about events or arrangements, email [email protected]and follow her on InstagramBalloonsbybre and Balloons FacebookByBre.

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