Bungalow Home furniture store opens in Boise, ID


Judith Balis has been an interior designer in the Treasure Valley for 17 years. In 2018, she opened a housewares store, Feather and Twine Home, which is located off State Street in Boise.

“I have struggled to find beautiful, unique and affordable furniture and accessories for my clients locally,” Balis said of Feather and Twine Home. “So I decided to take matters into my own hands to help fill this void by opening my first store. ”

The next step for Balis? Bungalow House Opening – a 14,000 square foot furniture and housewares store in the former Hastings space on Fairview and Cole in Westgate Shopping Center.

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“One stop shop”

Single storey house opening into the former Hastings area. Photo credit: Anna Daly Gamboa / BoiseDev

“I’m trying to create a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience for people to completely furnish their homes, from sofas to accessories on their coffee tables, without looking like they’ve bought the entire vignette from a large furniture store. surface, ”Balis said.

Balis said that the “ambiance” of Bungalow Home will be more “collective and refined, but also very relaxed and comfortable”. The products will also be available in a variety of prices and will be sourced from many different vendors.

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“Our store will be like nothing else in Boise, and the timing couldn’t be fairer,” Balis said. “With so many people coming from big cities here, they’re used to having these more organized options, and we’re here to again fill a long overdue void. ”

In addition to having hundreds of furniture and decor pieces on the floor, designers will also be available to create custom looks and bespoke pieces.

Unlike Feather and Twine Home which is only open three days a week, every two weeks Bungalow Home will be open 6-7 days, each week. Balis says she hopes to open doors in September.


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