BusyKid, a chores app for kids and teens, launches an expense card for its users


BusyKid Inc, the company that developed the BusyKid chores app for kids and teens, has announced the launch of the BusyKid Prepaid VISA Expense Card. With this card, children/teenagers can spend money deposited in their BusyKid accounts or directly on the card to buy goods or use it at ATMs to get cash.

BusyKid allows you to pay allowances or offer a bonus via the application. Each family account allows up to five children (ages 5-17) to have their own account. It’s a tool that helps you organize family finances, but it also helps your most valuable asset: learning how to manage money in a modern and practical way.

“Kids should be taught the basics of personal finance in school so they know the terms and concepts, but the problem is most schools never teach it and certainly don’t have anything to offer for an experience. practical,” Gregg said. Murset, CEO of BusyKid. “It leaves it up to the parents to ensure that good financial habits are practiced at home and it starts with their first job – household chores for which they earn money, which gives them the opportunity to learn by doing the value of a dollar earned versus one just given to them. An app like BusyKid teaches them how to budget for digital money, how to save and how to donate. They even learn how to invest.

The app offers a new, smooth and automated way to distribute allowances. You can set fixed allowances based on the age of your children as well as fixed prices for any of the tasks. This way you can show your children that the distribution of money in the family is impartial and based on their age and efforts, so that there is not much room for anyone to have the feeling of being treated unfairly.

Parents can also divide the money into three separate sections: save, spend, and donate. You can even decide to give them the means to move the funds from one section to another, or if a larger savings account is the goal. . In addition, all transactions are recorded and stored in the application so that parents and children can always have a very complete picture of each other’s consumption habits.

Now with the BusyKid app, users can redeem BusyKid expense cards. Each child has an in-app profile with a personalized card that can be used to shop online or at any store where Visa is accepted. For the parent who still wants control, BusyKid has the answer with a series of approvals and notifications that ensure money is not allowed to leave the app account without a parent saying ok. In this way, the BusyKid app helps encourage children to be more independent in their purchasing decisions, but still gives parents ultimate control, just in case.

The process of adding funds to the BusyKid Spend children’s debit card is quite simple and the app is very user-friendly in general, which is good news for parents. As for kids, they have the chance to learn about finances and build healthy money management habits using platforms and devices they understand.

There are several important “life” lessons children can learn through the BusyKid app and the BusyKid Expense Card. They learn how to earn their own money, organize their budget, make financial decisions, use online banking, track their balance, and understand how money works in general. For parents, it comes down to more help around the house, less effort to find real money to give them, and finally, peace of mind knowing it could put them in a much better situation. finances in adulthood.

More information on the BusyKid app and Spend Card on this link: https://busykid.com/

About us: More information about the BusyKid app and Spend Card on this link: https://busykid.com/

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