Decoration: how to create a perfect reading nook


Now that the cold days are beginning, sitting in a comfy chair with a blanket, a hot cup of coffee and a good book is a great plan to relax. If you like to read, you can create a corner for this activity in your house, even if there are not too many square meters.

We tell you what are the five keys that you must take into account to achieve a Reading corner cute, functional and in harmony with the rest of your interior decoration.

1. Create an “island”

How to set up a reading corner at <a class=home. (Pexels illustration image)” src=”×0/smart/filters:quality(60)/”/>
How to set up a reading corner at home. (Pexels illustration image)

First, decide where you’re going to put it: the living room is usually chosen for a question of space, although it’s also a good option to put it on the desk. Ideally it should be next to a windowto take advantage of natural light and for the link with the outside, and away from the TV and the door, to avoid distractions. To visually separate it from the rest of the room, you can use a carpet.

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2. Invest in a comfortable chair

It doesn’t matter if you prefer an armchair, a chair or an armchair, the important thing is that you feel comfortable. Some things to consider if you are going to buy furniture are that it is ergonomic and that it has armrests. You can also add an accessory to support your feet while sitting and a blanket for cold days.

It is important that the reading chair is comfortable (Photo:

3. Find a support surface

To know, a side table or a small bookcase leave the book, the inevitable cup of coffee or tea (or mate), the glasses and the mobile phone. You can invest in a set of nesting tables or improvise a table with a wooden bench: anything goes. To complete the experience and set the mood, add a scented candle or diffuser.

4. Think about lighting

The two most common options for a reading nook are floor lamps and table lamps. Either way, it’s a good idea for them to be adjustable (height, arm or head) so you can control the direction of the light. In addition to allowing you to read better, they help to separate the environment.

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Lighting and colors are key to creating a warm and cozy reading nook (AdobeStock Photo)
Lighting and colors are key to creating a warm and cozy reading nook (AdobeStock Photo)For: Prostock-studio –

5. Don’t overlook colors

It will generate a feeling of relaxation with soft and uniform colors. Neutrals like white, gray and beige are a safe bet, but you can also lean towards blue or green. Of course: ensure consistency with the environment; something you can achieve by unifying the tones of the cushions or blanket with those of the rest of the room.


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