ELLE Decoration Canada: discover our Spring 2022 issue


KO Media is delighted to unveil the spring issue of SHE Decoration Canada featuring the interior designer’s house Arianna De Gasperiswho sought to capture the spirit of New York’s West Village in the quiet surroundings of a Victorian property in Jersey City. “Once inside, the original staircase straight out of another era completely won me over,” says the Toronto designer and founder of And Studio. It took nine long months to renovate the house, but De Gasperis insists the attention to detail was worth it. “Speeding things up can lead to regrets. Taming a space, and really taking the time to bring together all the elements that make sense to form a cohesive vision, is an essential part of the process.

This edition is everything to reinvent spaces. Architecture and design office Campo Studio helps a family of five create a feeling of greater openness while preserving the historic charm of their Vancouver home; the duo behind Warren Garrett play with avant-garde accents make the new Montreal residence of the Consul General of Belgium a space conducive both to the reception of distinguished guests and to daily family life; the team at The Shed converts a Duplex in the Mile-End of Montreal in a single family home which allows three retirees to live together while preserving their privacy; and content creator Claude-Alicia Guérin-Royof the Conscience Guilty platform, shares the inspiration behind her daughter’s fairy tale nativity scene.

We meet Canadians based in Los Angeles artistic director Willo Perron to talk about his new line of bespoke furniture (his Pillo sofa is arguably the perfect spot for a nap) and designing spaces for people like Rihanna and Jay-Z. French craftsman and artist Helios Nasal presents to us limea traditional material that offers a durable alternative to acrylic and latex. And the Alberta entrepreneur Treana Peake inspires us to consume differently thanks to Obakkia brand and philanthropic foundation built around real partnerships with local artisans.

To try to discern what makes the perfect sofawe turn to three experts: Thien Ta Trung from Montreal basic element shop, Tim Zyto of Montauk Sofaand Mjolk co-founder John Baker. In Newfoundland, the Fogo Island Workshops continue to make waves on the international design scene with the release of their latest collection; and an outward-facing design by a Toronto architect Omar Gandhi makes panoramic view of the coast the focal point of a Nova Scotia home.

For those looking for escape, this number offers four not-so-humble abodes that capture the flavor of local life in the Bahamas, Portugal, Sweden and Puglia, Italy. Or, to keep things closer to you, we offer aroundup of scented candles which can take you from the flower markets of Sri Lanka to the trails of Cootes Paradise along Lake Ontario.

the spring issue of SHE Decoration Canada will arrive in the stands and Apple News + on April 18.


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