Fashion Snoops shares a glimpse of the future of the house in 2022


NEW YORK CITY — In its webinar this week on “The Future of Home 2022,” trend forecasting and forecasting firm Fashion Snoops discussed the top 10 trends consumers should have for the coming year.

In discussion led by Jaye Mize, VP of Home + Lifestyle and VP of Creative for Fashion Snoops, and Aurora Hinz, Home + Lifestyle Strategist, here are the top 10 consumer trends set to take 2022 by storm:

  1. Wellness real estate: Wellness real estate refers to residences that are intentionally designed and built to support the holistic health of its inhabitants. The idea that people should view their home as a long-term investment in their well-being is gaining traction. Sustainability ideals and holistic approaches such as Cylindrical Living continue to add to this trend.
  2. Wellness in the bedroom: Consumers tend to create sanctuaries in the home, especially in the bedroom. Investing in high-end mattresses, toxin-free textiles, aromatherapy devices and other small technologies that promote well-being will grow in popularity as the year progresses.
  3. Home Spa: Creating a home spa is becoming important to consumers as they begin to focus more on bathrooms and outdoor spaces, some of the most used spaces for personal care. This can mean replacing sterile white patterns with warm colors and wood grains, adding more biophilia to the room, or incorporating skylights and other large windows into the space.
  4. Waste Revival: Circular Design is shorthand for including circular economy principles at every stage of design, which looks at the interconnected way we extract, build, use and dispose of things. The waste renaissance is about processes like transforming wearable fashion into new homewares, using upcycled finds, repurposing food waste for home decor, incorporating 3D printing and more. again.
  5. Ocean Adoration: Waves and other sea-inspired materials, such as seashells and seaweed, are used to beautify drinking spaces. This ocean trend also refers to the importance of sustainability. Sustainable production and lifestyles such as seaweed making, kelp farming and floating infrastructure will continue to grow in importance.
  6. Flex-stability: Although people still want to travel and don’t want to feel sequestered after long periods of stay-at-home orders, they use the tactile, visual and olfactory design of a space to create the idea of ​​traveling in their home . . Furniture that adapts easily will be more and more in demand as consumers look for these versatile and easy to move items.
  7. Age of Nostalgia: During times of turmoil, it’s common for people to crave nostalgia and cling to what feels normal and safe. Celebrated heritage, historical themes, home crafts, collectibles and second-hand furniture are expected to feature prominently in homes this year.
  8. Reinventing traditions to meet contemporary needs has brought elegant interpretations of historical rituals and global legacies, as consumers want to see products accessible to everyone, regardless of socio-economic status. Designing low-income products with similar design principles as luxury products emphasizes equity through design.
  9. Metaverse Reality is where the digital and the physical overlap. One of the ways businesses can meet this consumer need as the world moves from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 is to invest in metaverse real estate and build metastores and metaoffices. Another popular avenue of metaverse investment has been non-fungible tokens (NFTs), used to buy and sell designs, art, furniture and more.
  10. Create, play, work: the merging of public and private lives has created a demand for adaptive designs that transition people’s private and public functions. Multi-faceted places that can be used for socializing, school, and online work are essential at home. Consumers are looking for all-encompassing environments, adaptable designs, and technological infusions in their homes.

To learn more about Fashion Snoops and their 2022 trend predictions, visit their website.

Erica Crawford, associate editor of Furniture Today, recently graduated from the University of Iowa, with a degree in English and a writing certificate in publishing. In addition to bringing her talent as a writer to the editorial team, Erica will add her millennial perspective.


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