Follow these 5 speakers from the Home Improvement Technology Conference in Baltimore this week

Homeowners, contractors, remodelers, and tech professionals who fall into any of these categories, this one’s for you.

This week, the Marriott Hotel in Baltimore’s Harbor East neighborhood is hosting a convention focused on technology and technologists aimed at making your life and home improvement projects easier.

FAST Live Reshape, which begins today, involves two days of panels, talks, sessions and other programs dedicated to this unique intersection of technology and home remodeling. The “FAST” part of its name stands for “Focused on Agile Systems and Technology,” and the conference’s constituent events reflect that focus on innovations that could bring this busy but typically decentralized industry (think how many people you have seen working on homes as independent contractors) in accordance with current technology.

Whether or not it lives up to its brand image as “the premier commercial software and technology conference for home remodelers and professionals”, the Qualified renovator– the summons presented undoubtedly attacks an industry in dire need of support. the Bureau of Labor Statistics noted an increase in lumber prices linked to a supply chain issue during the COVID-19 pandemic, which coincided with people working from home which fueled what some experts described as a boom home improvement projects.

The conference is already underway and registration comes with a price of $185. That said, you can follow the evolutions of this ecosystem by following the trajectories of its stakeholders. Here are a few worth watching:

  • patrick finglesCEO of Columbia, a Maryland-based home improvement technology company Jump and owner of Nu Look Home Design. A veteran of this intersection between industries, Fingles today delivered a talk on how cutting-edge technology can be incorporated into remodeling companies’ business models for greater efficiency. He will also moderate a round table tomorrow morning.
  • Jessica BalmesDirector of Operating Systems Improvement at Landis Architects/Builders, a design and construction company in DC. Balmes appeared on a panel today on the best way to maximize time at FAST Remodeler Live. She is also scheduled to speak at several other panels and breakout sessions, as well as report on Landis’ recent adoption of different enterprise systems.
  • Timothee WenholdCOO of Chester, PA-HQed Renovation of an electric house, a home improvement company that provides customers with energy-efficient installation options. Wenhold led a session on the company’s “Nitro” software and job satisfaction among Power’s more than 150 employees. To Developer Conference a few years ago he also spoke about what it means to work in a mission-driven company.
  • Amy ZimmermanCMO of a home improvement company based in Wisconsin Tundraland. She explained how AI can help companies better understand customer data and build services around AI-powered insights.
  • Scott SigalOwner of Maggio Roofing and professional organization Network of Certified Contractors at Takoma Park, Maryland. Siegal explained in a breakout session today how Maggio Roofing used simple accounting software and Microsoft Office programs to reduce overhead and optimize production.



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