Gap Home Furniture is now at Walmart – here’s what to buy


Classic Gap Home style is finally coming to furniture – and OMG, it’s selling at Walmart!

Here’s good news for those obsessed with shopping at Walmart. Gap has just launched an affordable line of great looking basic furniture and decorative pieces at Walmart that will spruce up just about any living space. The Gap Home furniture range about 150 pieces of furniture include sofas, ottomans, headboards, rugs and more.

With a design reminiscent of decades past and present, this expensive-looking collection is actually offered at Walmart prices. Plus, the sophisticated yet simple color scheme makes it a dream to coordinate with any pieces you already own.

What is Gap Home Furniture?

Think clean lines, subdued modern color palettes, and a bit of mid-century modern charm for the entire affordable basic furniture collection. This addition to Gap Home follows the interior decoration line released with Walmart earlier this year (yet another check in the Walmart column of the Target vs Walmart debate) and is full of cheap, high-quality items you’ll be happy to show off at home.

The Mid-Century Square Upholstered Ottoman is a steal at just $ 179, and the Mid-Century Modern TV Cabinet costs just a few dollars more at $ 199 and comes in four crisp-looking wood tones. Other popular items in the collection include a Upholstered wood-based sofa for $ 629 and one Loveseat with curved arms for just under $ 450.

Denim-inspired blues, khaki-style tan browns and other hues take the reins of almost everything in the collection – that’s Difference Home, after all. Many items are made from sustainable and recycled materials which means that you can actually feel good about purchasing these items.

The maximum you’ll pay for any of the Gap Home furniture deals is $ 629, and you’ve probably already noticed that they look a lot like Case and barrel bestsellers at a fraction of the price. Some particularly affordable items, like Side tables in wood and metal, call under $ 70. You also can’t go wrong with the furniture arrangement with this line, as just about everything is designed to be mixed and matched with other pieces in the collection.

Where to buy Gap Home furniture

Gap Home furniture is available exclusively at Walmart, and it’s shipped fast and for free, even beating top sellers at other retailers. You may be able to get them right to your door the same day or the next day with Walmart + through Walmart’s membership program. If you need parts quickly, it can save your life, as supply chain issues cause significant delays in furniture orders from other retailers. Some of the bestsellers in the line-up and popular shades of gray and blue are expected to sell out quickly, so you’ll want to grab your favorites quickly.

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