‘Goldmine Bridgerton Renovation’: 5 Things to Know About the HGTV Home Renovation Series


Renovation Goldmine Bridgerton, the show for creative minds, will rock your creative side at the end of each episode. You can see two people, Joe and Meg Piercy, the two most successful designers who also own home improvement businesses, bring their customers a fresh and comfortable feel by designing their living spaces for them.

What makes them unique and adds that x factor to this show is that they take what the customer has and make magic out of it. They transform the already available things that belong to them and use them to create a modest budget that works for customers. This in no way diminishes their talent and creativity!


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When will ‘Renovation Goldmine Bridgerton’ be released and where to watch it?

This show is scheduled to air on the network on April 30. New episodes will air on HGTV GO the same day.

What is ‘Renovation Goldmine Bridgerton’?

This eight-episode show revolves around two prominent Chicago designers who leave no stone unturned when it comes to managing the design of people’s homes. This couple takes existing furniture and anything that customers own but haven’t used for too long, and turn it into a stellar masterpiece. The point of the show is to cut costs while giving the customer the impression that they haven’t lost a lot of their possessions.

Breaking the rigid belief that a renovation could almost cost you a fortune, this couple certainly knows how to make your dream come true, within a budget you set.

As the series progresses, several pieces of furniture and antique pieces belonging to the clients are elegantly transformed into modern segments that are reincorporated into their spaces.

Famous Joe Quote: “There’s gold in every home, and we know where to find it.

Who is starring in the HGTV show?

Joe and Meg Piercy, two up-and-coming Chicago designers, are the stars of the show as they help their clients achieve the home of their dreams!


Matt Vogel, who worked on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, gives the show a twist with his own goldmine of wireless Lectrosonics.


The trailer is not out yet. Keep your seat belts fastened!

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