Halle Berry surprises her 5th teacher with a home renovation


Halle Berry gives back to her 40-year-old mentor on the latest episode of celebrity IOU.

The actress, 55, teams up with Property Brothers‘ Drew and Jonathon Scott to help renovate the 1920s home of his fifth grade teacher, Yvonne.

Berry spoke about the lasting impact Yvonne has had on her life.

“If she hadn’t come into my life, my life would have been completely different,” she shares in the episode (airing Monday, June 6). “She was really like a second mother in so many ways.”

The Bruised The star revealed Yvonne was there for her as she grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.

“My mom was a single mom, so she worked a lot. My sister and I were really key kids,” she said. “She kind of took me under her wing. I had a white mother and she – being a black woman – taught me about my culture.”

“We had this thing called the cookie talks,” she added. “I would go to her house and we would sit at the kitchen table and have really deep conversations.”

In an exclusive clip above, viewers see Berry putting his demolition skills to the test with help from Jonathan and Drew. The scene opens with Drew asking the actress if she’s aggressive or competitive.

“Very. That’s why I make these films. Yes, aggressive. Yes, competitive,” she replies before opening the door of a kitchen unit.

“I’m competitive if someone says, ‘Show me how you can beat the shit out of something.’ I want to be the best”, she adds during a confessional.


The HGTV stars are in awe of Berry’s skills as they work together to tear down the kitchen.

“All of these action-packed roles that Halle played, she took that skill set and put it straight into this demolition and she kicked this house’s ass,” Drew shares.

However, that didn’t stop Jonathan from teasing Berry about one of his most iconic scenes in 2002. die another day.

“Normally when I do demolition I usually go in slow motion, like your Bond scene where you come out of the ocean,” Jonathan jokes.

“But, you need a bikini for that,” Berry replies, Jonathan adding, “I can change.”

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This season of celebrity IOU also featured John C. Reilly, Tiffany Haddish, Lisa Kudrow, Anthony Anderson, Snoop Dogg and Howie Mandel.

In April, Drew spoke to PEOPLE about what makes the show so special.

“When we reveal the space and you see them with their friend. It’s almost like you saw them 20 years ago,” Drew said. “They’re just real people and you see that emotional connection. You can’t help but cry because it’s so touching to see these celebrities in such a personal space.”

New episodes of celebrity IOU airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.


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