How a chandelier started the design process


Dave Franklin has overseen many landscaping and pool projects during his career as an award-winning landscape architect and pool designer, including 12 seasons of The block. However, his latest renovation of his family’s home in Melbourne is probably the closest to his heart.

The renovation took two years and includes both the interior and exterior of the house. So far, Dave has showcased the results in a virtual tour of the makeover on his Instagram page.

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Dave, his wife and two teenagers have lived in the house for 14 years. But after redoing parts of the house several times over this period, they felt it was time to breathe new life into the whole property.

Dave Franklin has remodeled his family home into an eclectic airy space. (Instagram)

“We renovated every two years, so it was a bit like a patchwork…my kids are growing up and they want to have a good pool and a bigger house. So we thought instead of selling it, let’s renovate -la,” Dave told 9Entertainment.

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When it seemed like a good time to renovate, the project got off to a wonderful chandelier that Dave and his wife bought in Bali.

“We wanted to put it at the top of our staircase, but the roof wasn’t that high, so my wife said, ‘Well, now we have to do the whole house’. That was the catalyst, believe it or not,” he explained. .

The aim of the renovation was to create a large, airy family space including spaces for the children, such as their own bedrooms and bathrooms. They also wanted to increase the height of the roof from 2.6m to 5.5m.

As for the style, Dave and his family went with what they describe as a “plantation meets eclectic theme.” The result is a fresh, vibrant vibe of someone well-traveled and a bit quirky.

“Every room is truly custom. Nothing is in the center, everything is off-center: the whole house, the faucets, everything,” Dave said.

“We wanted it to be like a house. My wife put trinkets all over the house, so there are little bits everywhere that she collected over time.”

But anyone who watched The block will know that renovating a home involves many differing opinions. Although Dave and his wife generally like the same things when it comes to interiors, there were a few sticking points.

“With the living room and everything in our house, we all agreed on [what we wanted to do]. The her and me bathrooms don’t gel, and the color choices. Let’s just say I went ahead and did something and we had to rip it out and do it again,” he laughed.

Dave’s favorite room after the renovation is at the top of the stairs where a large bookcase gives the space a library feel.

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After the interiors were completed Dave moved into the back yard and pool area and now the front yard renovation is underway.

“It’s amazing, it really is,” Dave said of the completed renovation. “It’s a lovely family home – nothing is the same, which we love. There’s a little history, and it looks like it’s traveled a lot, so we really love it.”

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As for what 2022 has in store for us, Dave is busy with four ongoing TV projects, including The block and Open Homes Australia. He also joined forces with former To block contestant Josh Packham for a new show.

As someone who was part of The block A family for over a decade, Dave is particularly excited about the 2022 show’s theme: Tree Change. Unlike previous seasons, this year The block heads out of the suburbs to the Macedon Ranges of Victoria. The teams will renovate properties sitting on 10 acres of land each.

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“It’s something that we’re really excited about and it’s something that I really believe is going to involve a lot of people because of COVID and all that stuff,” he said.

“What we’ve noticed in the market, as a landscaper, is that because of COVID, people have left and moved [of the city] and I have hobby farms. I saw what we’re going to do there and I think it’s going to be one of the best seasons ever.”

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