Husband did not help with household chores, angry wife was killed


At present, many shocking cases continue to be highlighted. A similar case has been reported in Serbia, a country in southeastern Europe. It is a strange incident that has caused a sensation all over the world. Indeed, according to the information received in this case, failing to share the hand in household chores, the irritated wife killed her husband. Not only that, but she was so angry that she cut her husband’s body into several pieces and boiled those pieces in a large pot.

According to a published report, the incident happened in Jaranjin in Serbia. Here, a woman named Teresa committed the incident on May 10, at 9 p.m. On the testimony of her daughter, the accused woman was arrested by the police. It is said that when the woman killed her husband, her daughter was also present. According to the reports that came out, the woman, who was cooking dinner alone, was irritated and in the same irritation, she first knocked her husband unconscious by giving him medicine and then killed him. However, even after doing all this, her anger did not subside, so many pieces of her husband’s corpse were cut into pieces and boiled in a pot.

The daughter, who witnessed the whole incident, said that she saw her mother kill her stepfather with her own eyes. Apart from that, the police also lost their minds after hearing what she said. In fact, a girl named De Elje said that her father was drunk at the time of the murder, but despite this he tried to escape to save her life and her mother was constantly stabbed with a knife.

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