Husband slammed for making wife do chores while pumping breast milk


A husband has been slammed for revealing he expected his wife to do housework and chores while pumping milk for their baby because he wanted to rest.

The husband made the revelation in a post on Reddit Am I the A**hole forumwhere users ask others to intervene on an incident to judge whether they are wrong or not.

He titled the post, “AITA [Am I The A**hole] for asking my wife to do chores while pumping?”.

In it, the man explained that his wife is a stay-at-home mom to their child as he works long hours.

He claimed that when he got home from work, his wife “immediately threw our baby at me and told me to watch it while she used breast pumps and watched Korean dramas for about an hour.”

The man also wrote that he gave his wife a portable breast pump so she wouldn’t be stuck in one place while pumping.

But, the problem arose when he accused her of pretending it hurts to pump milk so she would have an excuse to take a break.

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He continued: ‘She says she can’t do chores or take care of the baby because pumping is painful and she has to do something she loves to forget the pain otherwise she can’t. get enough milk during this session.

“I told her I didn’t believe it and that she was using pumping and producing milk as an excuse to take a break and get away for an hour.”

His wife accused him of calling her a liar and it’s safe to say that other Reddit users were firmly on the woman’s side in the argument.

The post garnered almost 3,000 comments and people weren’t holding back in their reactions.

One person commented: “YTA [you’re the a**hole] pumping is so difficult. It’s painful and if you can’t relax, the milk won’t come.

Another replied: “OP [original poster]The wife of: pumping hurts.

“OP: I think you lie to avoid chores.

“Also OP: she said I accused her of lying.”

Someone else argued, “You have access to the whole internet, but instead of looking at breast pumping resources to see if you can help your wife with the pain of pumping, you come here to ask if you are TA not to believe it.

“YTA. Full throttle.”

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