If You’re Tired Of Arguing About Chores, This Could Save Your Marriage


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According to the Pew Research Foundation women and men perceive their contribution to household chores differently. According to the Foundation’s website, “A majority of women (59%) say they do more household chores than their spouse or partner. While 6% say their spouse or partner does more. Among men, a majority (46%) say these responsibilities are shared about equally. While 20% say they or they do more and 34% say their spouse or partner does more.

This breakup can, of course, lead to arguments, discontent, and even possible grounds for divorce. Especially when (usually) men use armed incompetence to do their part of the job.

But, there are a few things that can help. Besides hiring a housekeeper and getting therapy (which we recommend), there are a few appliances that might help reduce the load.

Welcome to the future

Okay, robot vacuums aren’t exactly new or futuristic, but doesn’t it feel like they should be? We can’t help but think that we live like The Jetsons with our smartwatches, Alexas and our robotic vacuum cleaners, but I digress.

These useful gadgets have improved so much since the first robot vacuum was released in 2002. Moreover, robot mops debuted in 2013 and our lives have never been the same again. (And, DJ Roomba from Parks and recreation definitely holds a special place in our hearts.)

If you are considering buying a robot vacuum and/or mop, there is no better time than the present. Not only will they take away some of the workload, but they can even help improve your relationship.

iRobot® Roomba® 694 Wi-Fi® Connected Robot Vacuum

(Bath in bed and beyond)

the ingenious iRobot Roomba 694 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum can be used on hard floors and carpets and will penetrate every nook and cranny of any room. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can control the robot with your voice, an app or a routine program. It’ll even let you know when pollen counts are high in your area or when it’s pet shedding season and suggest personalized cleaning sessions.

One reviewer said: “This little workhorse is my favorite, took a few minutes to charge and was cleaning my floors like a champ. The time when we pushed a big vacuum is over, I now spend my time doing the things I love. Thank you Roomba, keep up the good work. ($249.99, bed, bath and beyond).

iRobot® Braava™ 380t Robot Mop

iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop on white background
(Bath in bed and beyond)

the iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop will work on all hard surface floors including hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate. Choose “sweep” or “mop” mode and let it do its job. Reusable microfiber cleaning cloths will pick up dust, dirt and pet hair in one pass. The NorthStar® Navigation Cube helps navigate multiple rooms, large spaces, and helps prevent falls from stairs and other falls.

“My iRobot gives me [the] the freedom to do all the things I’d rather do than dust and wash the tile floors. I have a cat and the fur accumulates quickly. I use the Braava every few days and it’s a huge time saver. I call it life changing because it’s a smart use of technology for tedious household chores,” shared a Bed, Bath, and Beyond customer. ($254.99, bed, bath and beyond).

bObi Pet robotic vacuum cleaner in silver

bObi Pet robot vacuum cleaner in silver on a white background
(Bath in bed and beyond)

For pet parents, the bObi Pet robotic vacuum cleaner is the only way forward. Although it weighs only 6.89 pounds, don’t let its small body fool you. It will sweep, mop and suck up all the pet dander and hair your pets may produce. The robot vacuum will even reconnect to the charging station when the battery drops below 15%.

One happy customer wrote, “I got my vacuum about a month ago and I love it!!! I have two dogs and a cat that moult like crazy!!!! I had vacuumed my living room floor the night before running Bobi and you wouldn’t believe the hair it stood up!! I use my Bobi every day since I got it, sometimes twice! Great investment!” ($350.99, bed, bath and beyond)

Shark ION Robot® RV772 vacuum cleaner

Shark ION Robot RV772 vacuum cleaner on white background
(Bath in bed and beyond)

the Shark ION Robot Vacuum comes with side brushes, channel brushes and a multi-surface brush roll that will easily clean rugs, carpets and hard floors. Sensors prevent damage to furniture or walls and potential falls from ledges and stairs.

“I love having a robot vacuum! This one is very efficient, lightweight and easy to control with my phone. I really wish I had bought it sooner! said one reviewer. ($279.99, bed, bath and beyond)

Eye-Vac® Professional Non-Contact Stationary Vacuum

Eye-Vac Professional Non-Touch Stationary Vacuum Cleaner on white background
(Bath in bed and beyond)

While free-moving vacuums are fascinating, they’re not for everyone. This is where the Eye-Vac Touchless Vacuum It’s great if you have young children, pets, or mobility issues because it won’t move around your home. You bring the mess. Simply sweep dust, dirt and hair from the base of the cartridge and the sensors will suck the mess into the cartridge.

“I had seen one of these Eye-Vacs at my hairdresser and watched her sweep the client’s hair off the floor into the machine and I was really impressed. I ordered mine online and I love how simple and easy to use this machine is. Just wish I had known and purchased a year ago,” shared one customer. ($164.99, bed, bath, and beyond) .

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