I’m a cleaning expert – chores your kids can do from ages 2, 5 and 10 and you won’t have to repeat them


CHORES are a great way for children to learn vital skills for adulthood.

And while there’s no age to start, child care experts believe that children as young as two years old can start helping around the home.


Cleaning Queen Lynsey Crombie reveals the easy chores your kids can do around the house at any ageCredit: Olivia West – The Sun

The good news is that toddlers often love the chance to help mom or dad. It is therefore good for them and for you to involve them in household chores as early as possible.

Cleaning Queen Lynsey Crombie says, “There are plenty of cleaning toys on the market for toddlers to get them used to chores.

“A young child loves a feather duster and will copy [their parents]. Learning these skills at a young age will establish [them up] for life. “

While it’s tempting to use kids as a way to tick off your to-do list, Sophie Giles, parenting and behavioral consultant and founder of Gentle Start Family Consultancy, says you should avoid giving them jobs just because you don’t want to do it.

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“What you really don’t want to do with chores, at any age (unless they deliberately mess it up), is signal that it’s not done well enough,” Sophie said.

“Because then you’re telling your child they’re not good enough, which isn’t good for their self-esteem, but also they’re much less likely to want to do chores outside. future if you are very critical of them.”

For kids, doing chores is a learning experience, so it should always be fun and exciting.

Sophie added: “The little chores become something kids hate, it’s something they’re less likely to want to do when they’re older.”


Helping with household chores for two- and three-year-olds is more cooperative.

Some things they might help include:

  • Helps make beds, fluff up pillows and smooth out blankets
  • Put toys, books and games where they belong
  • Put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  • Dry dusting surfaces with a child-friendly feather duster

For four- and five-year-olds, however, chores could also help children develop mentally.

They can try things like:

  • Help you with laundry by matching socks or other small tasks
  • Sort recycling into different types of materials (but watch out for glass or breakable items)

5-10 YEARS

Small tasks make children feel good about themselves and help them build a little confidence.

“Kids have a lot more skills and determination than we realize,” Lynsey said, so we should allow them to do more.

A great option for any party is to allow children to get involved at mealtimes.

This may mean helping in the kitchen or simply setting the table before the family sits down to eat.

Appropriate tasks could include:

  • Set the table
  • Wipe the table after meals
  • Basic food preparation, including washing fruits and vegetables
  • Do the dishes under supervision

You can also help them:

  • Feed the pets
  • Empty small wastebaskets
  • Empty the washing machine
  • Aquatic plants
  • Operate the vacuum (a cordless is best so it’s safer for little ones who can easily trip over the cord)

Sophie says doing the laundry is also ideal for children aged eight to ten, as it’s a fun sorting activity.

Determining what’s light, what’s dark, reading special labels, and following directions can all be very useful skills.

10-13 YEARS

The pre-teen years can be a bit tricky to navigate and it’s often when kids need a little more help.

But they still need help, Lynsey said, so it’s about finding new ways to involve them, without the arguments, of course.

“Reward them and encourage them,” Lynsey said.

“Start with them by keeping their rooms clean and tidy and work from there.”

Jobs tweens can help with include:

  • Polish the furniture
  • Clean the inside of the windows
  • Helping with laundry, including spending time on the clothesline or putting it in the dryer
  • Sweep the garden
  • Vacuuming
  • Mop the floor
  • Wash
  • Wipe down kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Rinse the bath and shower after use
  • Stripping their bed ready for washing

It’s a good age to start teaching kids about budgeting and money too, Sophie added.

“For the older age group, it’s really about financial matters, because these are things that they will need to know later in life and you have already taught them to do the rest,” said- she declared.

You can involve your child in your weekly grocery shopping or task them with cooking dinner for the family once a week.

You can give them a budget and have them buy the ingredients themselves.

In this way, children learn to budget and cook, which interests them.


As teenagers, experts say kids should be able to handle any task you throw at them, from cooking and planning meals to mowing the lawn and washing the car.

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Chores should be fun and exciting for your kids


Chores should be fun and exciting for your kidsCredit: Getty


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