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Armed with a paint gun, Loose Women star Stacey Solomon had set to work decorating the home she shares with former EastEnders actor Joe Swash. However, Joe hadn’t negotiated for her to sweep her clothes for the occasion.

Having now perfected the Cluedo room and surprised Joe with a “man cave” for his birthday, she had made a point of working her transformation magic on other parts of the house.

Afraid of getting dirty, Stacey had undressed to protect them and, much to Joe’s horror, had changed into her own.

Even then, she still faced a very dirty job as she tried to spray paint in rooms like her kitchen.

“I’ve got some paint on me, so I’m going to go inside and take a shower and try to get it off,” Stacey mischievously told the camera during a moment of rest, while brandishing dirty fingers and stained with paint. .

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“Standing at least a yard away and keeping my movements steady and steady, up and down, has given me smooth, drip-free coats.”

During this time, she appeared to have installed a makeshift swing in the house for her children, although some internet research of the various options available to purchase turned up more options for adults.

“I really wish I hadn’t Googled it,” she chuckled.

“I must be the most boring person on the planet, I can’t think of anything worse than rocking while…” She then burst out laughing.

The bathroom she created for her and Joe’s son, Rex, was already decorated earlier in the week, with a chuckle from Stacey: “Glue dinosaur feet to the wall and make toilet roll holders. T-Rex toilet paper was the BEST.

“I can not [wait] for all the fun of bath time before you grow up and start avoiding soap like your big brothers!” she said, addressing her youngest son.

“Now please stay obsessed with dinos for at least ten years!”

Avid audiences enjoyed watching the home transformation take shape, with Stacey having just celebrated the milestone of five million followers.


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