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The Good Morning Britain presenter debated whether avoiding household chores should become a criminal offense with cleaning expert Aggie Mackenzie and historian Dr Tessa Dunlop on the ITV show. The discussion quickly heated up as the guests clashed over the proposal, with Richard and Aggie calling the concept “crazy” and “nonsense”.

Aggie and Tessa appeared on Good Morning Britain after a poll found almost 50% of French people would support a proposal to make avoiding chores a crime.

Richard began by saying the idea was “absolute nonsense” to his guests and viewers back home.

He added: “Can you imagine going down to the police station and being arrested and charged. What would the charge be?”

Aggie added: “I completely agree with you Richard, this is about educating not legislating.”

Richard, who was still puzzled Tessa wanted to make avoiding household chores a criminal offence, asked, “But are you serious about it?”

A tousled Tessa replied: ‘Let’s reverse the argument, we enshrined the idea of ​​equal pay in law before I was even born in 1970 and we still haven’t achieved equal pay and women are always paid about 10% less to do the same work despite our best efforts.

“All the research says that until you have equality in the domestic space, until men have done their fair share of work in the domestic space, you won’t get equality. .”

She stressed that people just need to know how to clean up after themselves and said no criminal action should be required.

The debate has divided viewers, with many taking to Twitter to express their views on the proposal.

Hay JR fumed, “Ridiculous. The police don’t even have time to deal with real crimes and you want to add that ridiculous non-crime to their workload. Me and my husband work as a team, we’re a partnership, I cook, he washes, I dust, he vacuums, he picks up the laundry, I wash it, etc. (sic)

@BedfordBee69 remarked: “Damn, I’d like to think any normal couple would share the day to day household chores. Due to my health issues I can’t do much but do the washing dishes and cleaning, the cooking is literally my job.I would like to do more, but I can’t do more.

Nicki joked, “That’s silly, if the person you live with is lazy, trade them for someone who isn’t!”

Chris Graham joked: “The image is thrown in the slammer for crimes against Mr Sheen! Police are dusting footprints around the white outline of where a dust cloth was murdered.”

However, Kristina Masters agreed with Tessa, adding: “I totally agree, I was expected to do all the household chores even when I returned to work and all of the childrearing was on me. left while my ex took no responsibility and did his own thing.”

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