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Just when you thought Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s rekindled romance couldn’t get any cuter, they do just that. Now, we’ve seen their family milestones together as a couple and their PDA-filled red carpet moments, but this new set of news is much sweeter. (Pun intended!) In an interview with the NY Times, Lopez let slip that her house had an adorable decoration to commemorate their love: a gingerbread house!

In a recent interview with the New York Times which originally took place before Christmas, Lopez spilled the tea on everything from her new film Marry me going out on Valentine’s Day, what plans she has for the future, and of course, a little something about Affleck.

In the article, it says: “Her new boyfriend, Ben Affleck, arrives for a kiss and whispered conversation near a giant gingerbread house that’s iced with the words ‘Affleck Lopez Family’.”

Cue the aww-ing and screaming because it’s as cute as it gets!

In 2001, Lopez and Affleck met on the set of Giglireuniting soon after in 2002. They got engaged and remained together until 2004 due to the media talking about their relationship, saying after the breakup at Additional TV saying, “I’m thinking about a different time, a different thing, who knows what could have happened.”

Fast forward to 2021, a different time, and they’ve rekindled their relationship — and everyone is looking forward to hearing more romantic details like this.

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