Joanna Gaines shares 1 tip for tackling a home improvement project


Tackling a home improvement project can be tough, especially if it’s a big makeover, but Joanna Gaines has a simple trick to make the process more manageable. the Upper fixator star shared the ‘key’ to staying motivated with any home project, big or small.

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Joanna Gaines shared her home improvement wisdom

Chip and Joanna Gaines answered questions from the audience during an April 2022 appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show. One person asked if they had “some tips for staying motivated and getting things done” on home renovations.

Joanna shared a simple approach. “I always say, start small,” she explained. “It’s kind of like anything in life – like you can dream really big, but to really start shaking things up and making things a reality, you just have to look at the smallest thing. Tackle that, then move on to the next thing and just start to find your rhythm.

She gave an example. “So for people trying to tackle, say, a kitchen, you know it’s like, ‘Hey, start with your backsplash or start with some new hardware.’ Like you don’t have to do the full renovation,” Joanna explained.

“And, sometimes, the greatest joy is when you don’t do everything and you just make a few tweaks and it changes the space on a really good budget,” she added. “So I always say start small and work towards the big picture. But don’t try to do it all at once.

Barrymore agreed. “That’s really, really smart,” she said. “Hardware can change everything.”

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Chip and Joanna Gaines said they hope to never see 1 design trend again

Chip and Joanna were also asked about past trends. “What is a design trend from the past that you hope will never return?” asked a viewer.

The couple agreed that popcorn ceilings were a no-brainer. “The popcorn ceiling is easy,” Chip said. “Unanimous in this sense.”

Chip wondered if the shag rug would be another design element from the past that shouldn’t come back, but Joanna argued for it. “Now you have really amazing shag rugs…the texture,” she explained.

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Joanna didn’t understand her design aesthetic on their first project

Chip then explained that Joanna wasn’t always in the zone with her decorating skills, as he reminisced about their first project.

“I’m going to rat out Jo here for a second, if I can,” Chip said. “The first project we did was this great little house just across town. And there were four or five kinds of main areas in the house. Jo hadn’t figured out his aesthetic yet. design.

He continued, “And Jo literally went through this project and every room was like stepping into a whole new, different theme…Joanna said yes to a different theme in every room of that first house.”

Joanna shared how the experience informed the next project. “I was like, ‘Which piece do I love the most?’ And then our second house, then it became three of the five rooms.

She added: “But I was just experimenting as we went. I’m still trying to figure out what went really well.

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