Kindness, chores and hooks make the world go round for the author


Just like Mari.

This is where the love story part comes in.

I needed to get out of town last weekend.

It was a job, an exciting project that I’ll tell you more about as the pieces come together.

As far as work trips go, it wasn’t the biggest, longest, or farthest ever.

Husband holds the fort with Pup at our house in the remote tidal marsh.

I shared before my long travel belief that it is always easier to be the one who leaves rather than the one who stays.

Of course, I think of him all the time. I was also focused and busy in an unfamiliar city.

During this time, I could tell that I missed my husband.

I was surprised to find out how much.

It was on a phone call home that he dropped the love bomb on me, speaking in our old-timer swamp love language.

“I missed you so much that I went ahead and did a chore you wanted me to do for a long time.”

We talk a lot about flirting here.

“I’m not going to tell you what it is,” he continued, “because I want you to be excited to come home and see what it is.”

As if I considered Mari to be a slacker.

He is not.

As if I needed a chore done to make me want to come home.


It’s the thought and creativity that make me smile, dear reader.

My life has certainly not always been so sweet.

To have someone to go home to.

Having someone to share love language with, even goofy language that involves chores rather than, say, jewelry.

And now, just like you, I wonder, what has he done?

This remote life means we both have endless lists of what we can do.

I stayed up late to assemble his new standing desk the day before I left.

I’m the official putter in this relationship when something comes up in a box.

I’m better at that.

More patient.

More likely to read instructions and not throw an Allen key across the room in frustration.

My best guess is that the husband installed hooks so mops, brooms and other tools can live neatly on a downstairs wall instead of being strewn about in the extra outdoor bathroom.

I know, so hot, right?

We’ll see.

I will report. In the meantime, I wish you a week where you’re lucky to have someone do something nice for you.

Equally great would be the opportunity to do something good for someone else.




It’s what makes the world go round.

Daryn Kagan is the author of the book “Hope Is Possible: A Network Presenter’s Reflections on Losing Her Job, Finding Love, a New Career, and My Dog, Always My Dog.” Email him at [email protected].


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