Lil Jon explains how he got into home renovations for his HGTV series “Lil Jon Wants To Do What?”


GRAMMY Award-winning producer, rapper, and DJ Lil Jon can’t help but impersonate Dave Chapelle in the early 2000s. ATC press conference to promote his new HGTV series, Lil Jon explained how strangers would approach him pretty much everywhere he was in public, trying to get him to yell “What, yeah, okay” at them. “WWe had to put the ‘what’ in the title of the show,” he joked. Lil Jon wants to do what? premieres today on discovery+ and HGTV.



The “what” in the title is home renovation, a hobby that began out of necessity when the artist’s home in Atlanta flooded. Stuck indoors during the pandemic, Lil Jon turned to HGTV for inspiration and ended up connecting with an expert builder and designer Anitra Mecadon, who worked on her house. I made my house a vacation spot, so I never want to leave,” Lil Jon explained. “I have streams in my backyard, waterfalls, beautiful landscape lighting at night, a practice green. I built another house to have a studio there. I even had a hookah lounge in my house. I built a hookah lounge in my house. Everyone loves to smoke hookah. That’s the thing. I was like, you know what, let’s make this a little hookah lounge. It’s a room in a traditional house, no one ever enters. The room that has plastic on the furniture, you know what I’m talking about, that room? We made it the hookah lounge.

“Jon has such a passion for it, and he’s so mindful of the homeowner’s wants and needs and the money they have to spend,” Anitra Mecadon revealed of the artist’s approach to renovating homes. strangers’ houses in each episode. “You can see their energy from the moment he walks in and how relaxed they are the moment he leaves. Like, okay, we’re in good hands. They know they’re in good hands. He’s a very good listener. I mean, if you think about it, in the music business, everything is auditory, and they get it. He listens to whatever they want and need.

As a duo, Lil Jon and Anita also work hard to ensure their customers get their money’s worth. “We do everything we can to get them as much as possible for the dollars they put in,” Anita explained of the show’s ingenuity, which often recycles old furniture and even scraps. “We want fancy granites or stones, and so we’ve learned where things are going to die, and we’re going to dig into those graveyards. We call the stone and say, ‘Hey, where are your broken tiles?’ And you get it for a fraction of the price. You still have to pay to make it, but we get that premium vibe and premium look for a lot less than you normally would. You have to get creative when making builds as grand as we do with such crazy design ideas as the ones that come to mind.

Homeowners not only have bragging rights that Lil Jon did their renovation, but the artist goes out of his way to personalize their space while infusing his unique sense of whimsy. “It’s not like me going in and putting fur on the walls,” he shared. “My personality is really there, they think that’s what I’m doing in these houses and that’s not what it is. He lends himself to the family, what they need in the house. ‘Cause when we go there we walk into the house I sit with the owners or we hang out or we do things Me and Anitra look around the house to see what their style is We don’t want something that doesn’t match the owner. We want something that’s in them, but they don’t even know it’s in them.

You can watch Lil Jon and Anitra Mecadon transform homes into amazing spaces in Lil Jon wants to do what? tonight at 10/9c on HGTV. The episodes will also be broadcast on Discovery+.


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