Marissa Carter stuns fans with incredible home renovation update


Marissa Carter has given fans an update on the renovation as she continues her mission to transform her 1960s home.

The 1960s upper was purchased by Marissa Carter and her husband Ronan O’Flaherty over four years ago as they sought to gradually transform the house room by room.

Taking inspiration from her Instagram Story, the Cocoa Brown founder gave her 126,000 followers a peek at their gorgeous hallway that went from traditional to luxurious and modern.

Marissa and her husband Ronan bought the house over four years ago. Instagram / Marissa Carter.
Marissa and Ronan have transformed their 1960s home. Photo: Instagram/Marissa Carter.

In 2016 the room had lifeless gray carp on the floor, peach colored walls and an old table and mirror that left the room with no real personality.

Fast forward to 2022 and the hallway now has a stunning light wood floor which immediately strikes everyone as a big change by Marissa and Ronan. The light has grown from a single bulb to a dazzling modern chandelier that fits six bulbs.

The piece is complete with a smaller table that no longer distracts the eye, two elegant vases and a simple lamp that ties it all together.

The old-fashioned table has been replaced by a table with a more modern look.
The staircase is a prominent feature of Marissa’s magnificent home. Instagram / Marissa Carter

Marissa showed off the house’s new white staircase which has a cream carpet that adds an extra layer to the beautiful portal leading to the next floor of the house. The landing has a giant golden mirror on the wall, perfect for any selfie opportunities.

The project was delayed due to the launch of Marissa Carter Beauty Cosmetics. Marissa and Ronan’s house was transformed by knocking down the walls, raising the ceilings and building an extension.

Marissa previously spoke about the process of transforming the house into her dream home without the help of an architect.

Marissa Carter raped
Mairssa Carter designed the house without an architect. Photos: G. McDonnell / VIPIRELAND.COM

“The house was built in the 1960s and had a small kitchen that couldn’t fit a table. There was little or no incoming light.

“We extended the kitchen, added some extra height to the ceilings, installed skylights and knocked down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and added eight meters of floor-to-ceiling windows.

“I didn’t hire an architect, but worked with an engineer myself to design the changes. I think I watched too many home improvement shows on TV and decided an architect and I were probably going to kill each other,” she said.


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