Mom complains on Fox News that biracial son won’t do chores because of CRT, school sues


The mother of a biracial 13-year-old is suing a Virginia school district for his use of critical race theory, which she says caused him to “see himself as a black man.”

Melissa Riley, a Charlottesville-area mother, Told Fox News Monday that she noticed a significant change in her son’s outlook after the Albemarle School District rolled out anti-racism programs.

“We had no problems before. He’s in eighth grade,” Riley told host Jesse Watters on Monday. “He just sees himself as a black man. He sees things that don’t go his way like racism. And he now finds safety in numbers.”

Riley went on to allege that her son was now trying to invoke racism to get himself out of his chores.

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“I asked him to clean the house, [he said] ‘racism’,” she told Watters.

“Are you kidding are you?” he has answered. “Or are you serious?”

“No. I’m serious,” Riley insisted. “They totally changed his perspective. They put him in a box.”

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Riley also claimed the school district said her son could serve as a “black spokesperson for the black community.”

Riley, who told the New York Post that she was “white and Native American,” said she didn’t find such a suggestion for her son appropriate. “He looks Hawaiian,” she said of her son. “He is handsome.”

“When I told them I didn’t think it would be appropriate,” she added, “they told me that if he wasn’t comfortable with conversations, he and other children of color could go to a safe place during these conversations.”

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According to the Post, Riley has sign on a lawsuit, filed by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a conservative legal group, arguing that the school district’s anti-racism curriculum violates the equal protection and free speech clauses of the state constitution. That lawsuit, filed in December, was overturned last month by a judge who reportedly found there was “nothing inherently wrong or wrong” about what the district was teaching.

“In long monologues about racism and school,” Albemarle circuit judge Claude Worrell II said at the time, “I think it happens during education that some people feel bad about themselves. comfortable with the story and their place in it.”

The ADF is also supporting another lawsuit, brought by a former vice-principal, who alleged the school board harassed her after she raised concerns about the school’s anti-racism teachings.

Watch the interview below:


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