Mumsnet Reveals Exactly Which Tasks Couples Fight The Most About


Research into posts on Mumsnet revealed which chores cause the most tension between couples.

One woman complained about ‘tetris dish’ as ​​her husband seems unable to do the dishes, while another was baffled by how her partner managed to put toothpaste outside the sink.

Research shows that washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming are the most controversial tasks between couples.

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VerandaBlinds4Less scoured thousands of posts in Mumsnet’s relationships section to discover the top 10 tasks that can cause problems between couples.

Coming in at the top was doing the dishes, with almost a third of complaints related to household chores mentioning the task.

The most common complaint was that their husband never did the chores.

“I have to ask him every time to do it and when he does he just does a bad job,” one woman said.

Another complained about her husband’s “tetris dish”.

“He will pile everything in the sink and the mountain of items will be as high as the faucets,” she wrote.

“To get to the cork you have to navigate that pile and sometimes it will have left a ‘soaked’ load and the next day you have frozen fat/sauces/oil to wade through to pull the cork.”

She added: “My request is to use the side to stack the dishes (a few in the sink is fine, but if you’ve reached the Tetris dish point to insert it, it’s time to do the load yourself or stack on the side).

“I repeated that request, I emphasized how upsetting/heartbreaking it is for me to meet the full sink.”

Bathroom cleaning duties take a respectable second place, with many wives expressing frustration at the state in which their husbands are happy to leave the bathroom.

“DP (Dear Partner) somehow manages to drool toothpaste out of the sink. How is that possible?!” a woman asked.

In third place, the vacuum cleaner, with a wife in tears when her husband broke the vacuum cleaner.

She wrote, “My husband broke my vacuum cleaner! It’s not really a big deal but for some reason it made me cry! It’s beyond repair!”

“So DH suggests a Henry. Anyway, I got Henry together and gave it a try and omg he won’t lift the dog’s hair!! I’ve been trying to vacuum the living room for 25 minutes! AIBU to need a vacuum cleaner that works well at a price (my husband thinks it’s excessive to spend a lot for a vacuum cleaner)? »

The fourth most common complaint was the kitchen.

Many wives explained that their partner couldn’t cook and they were always the ones left behind.

“I’ve been together for over 25 years and cooked 99% of the time every day,” one woman said.

“If I come in exhausted, I can’t expect food to be ready for me, not even a simple stir-fry or an omelet. Ironically…his dad was a chef!”

In fifth place was taking out the trash – or many display partners seemed unable to take it out.

A woman asked if her husband had eyes after he told her she had to remind him that the bin was full.

She wrote: “Oh I’m just gonna block things in the bin until they’re the density of a black hole and when they’re really too full I’ll balance a plastic bag on top and will use it, until I can move to be able to do it.

“He says I just need to remind him that the bin is full. FFS YOU HAVE EYES!

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Here is the complete list of the 10 chores most likely to cause problems between couples:

  1. Wash the dishes
  2. Clean the bathroom
  3. Vacuuming
  4. Cooking
  5. Take out the bin
  6. To do the laundry
  7. Feed a pet
  8. Redecorate
  9. build furniture
  10. Ironing

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