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A woman’s husband made a chore chart in an attempt to ‘prove’ that he does half the housework.

Most moms are exhausted 24/7, let alone before the holiday season.

And *Dacey was no different when December 25th encroached on last month…

“DH asked me to take care of something a week before Christmas and I said I couldn’t – I was at my max capacity mentally sorting everything out for Christmas and our DD’s birthday which is a week later,” she explained on mumsnet.

Dacey admitted that although her husband helps her, “the lion’s share of things fall on me because I work 3 days a week”.

“The task that DH asked me to do didn’t have a set deadline, so I said to do it again in the new year,” she replied reasonably.

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A woman’s husband made a chore chart in an attempt to ‘prove’ that he does half the housework. Source: mumsnet

Husband sets unrealistic 50/50 chore chart

However, it did not go well with her beloved partner at all.

“DH got upset with it and told me I’ll have more to think about when we start renovating our house, so I tried to explain the mental load and how it all falls on me…he did not understand.”

And his idea for a solution proves how he really had no idea what Dacey was talking about.

“He took two tasks off my to-do list and thought that solved everything,” she said.

“He’s spent the last few weeks thinking he’s doing 50 per cent of everything, but he doesn’t understand that he really isn’t.”

After that, naturally, he doesn’t sit well with Dacey – he came up with another alleged genius idea.

“So after another argument about it, he decided we needed a fixed rotation on who does what, splitting everything 50/50. I have attached a screenshot of her first draft,” she calmly begins to explain.

“The first 5 lines are his tasks, the last 5 are mine. Our two children go to the crèche during my working days and take all their meals there. The blackened bit is an identifiable activity that I occasionally witness.

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“Is that all he thinks is needed to run a house and raise 2 young children?”

Unsure how to handle her distraught other half, she asked other moms what they would do in her situation.

“I sincerely think he’s trying to help, but really, is that all he thinks is needed to run a house and raise two young children? How would you react to this rotation? »

Naturally, the other women on the forum sided with Dacey.

Some have suggested following the supposed 50/50 table to illustrate his point.

“Fill in all the hundreds of things he missed and award them 50/50? Or literally just does the things on rotation for a while until he wonders why the other things didn’t magically happen? one suggested.

“Play the game, religiously respect the rotation and let him realize what is missing,” echoed another.

“Based on the rotation, it won’t take long for her to start noticing that no vacuuming, clean sheets or shopping will be done.”

While others advised to write your own realistic chore sheet.

“It’s all physical, isn’t it? None of the mental load stuff. Write your own list! one exclaimed.

“And replace the dishwasher. It takes about 1.5 minutes to empty the dishwasher.

*Name changed

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