Neon Minecraft Sword makes a stylish decoration


A Minecraft fan has cleverly created a real neon sword light that looks straight out of the game and showed off its different levels of brightness.

A Minecraft fan cleverly created a real neon sword light that looks like it was straight out of the game. Minecraft has a dedicated fanbase that often creates awesome in-game builds, like this playable one Minecraft version of wordlebut also sees that creativity translates into real life from time to time.

There have been many challenges that players have embarked on Minecraft. Some try to explore the whole world, and others try to tailor their builds to specific video games, TV shows, or movies. Throughout the 11 years that Minecraft has been a game, fans have grown up and learned different techniques in order to make their constructions realistic and beautiful. Different mod packs can take the textures of the game to a new level and can make the game feel almost real. Players have also flipped this script and built real-life items that look exactly like they could come from in-game. One fan made a Minecraft rose for Valentine’s Day with a perfect design to make it look straight out of the game.


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Reddit user and Minecraft fan bonzurr recently shared their actual artwork with the Minecraft Subreddit. They created an LED neon sword that lights up and cycles through different brightness settings. It’s an impressive feat to not only create something that looks a lot like the Minecraft sword but also to do something with neon lights. In the comments, bonzurr noted that they first designed the model using a program that allowed them to digitally render what the sword would look like. From there, they 3D printed this model and then moved on to the manual work of soldering the neon together. This light would be a great addition to any Minecraft fan decor.

Some Reddit users in the comments were skeptical of the validity of this creation. Noted that this could have been rendered using Blender, as the flame of the right candle never changes. Another pointed out that the softness of the lights in the neon was what made people think the video had been rendered, but they thought it was a real piece. Bonzurr has created many other LED neon lights from other video games, movies, and TV shows that can be seen on their Reddit page, which adds a level of validity to their work here.

bringing Minecraft to life is a fun and interesting way for fans to think outside the block, or in the case of a Reddit user, to do Minecraft blocks, and can still be an interesting challenge for those looking for more ways to create. Minecraft as a whole will always inspire many people to build big, inside and outside of the game itself, and I hope this neon sword inspires more to create similar home decor pieces for themselves and other fans.

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Source: bonzurr/Reddit

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