New research shows that even household chores can help your heart


When we think of cardio exercise for a healthy heart, our minds go straight to sweat sessions such as spinning classes, running, or swimming. But new research shows that even much gentler, less strenuous activities can help older women lower their risk of heart disease.

Simple daily movements of at least four hours a day could reduce the risk of heart disease by 43%. It also reduces the risk of stroke (by 30%) and the risk of heart disease (by 62%). This is compared to women who have less than two hours of daily movement per day.

As reported by, study co-author Andrea Lacroix (professor and chief of epidemiology at the University of California, San Diego) says that even if we don’t consider the simple movements of everyday life to be strenuous, the heart does not care how we label these activities. The heart knows you are moving your body and responds. Think about daily activities such as cooking, washing dishes and gardening. The standing position also adds to the heart-healthy boost. Talk about getting a different perspective from the usual old tasks!

To learn more about the study and what activities like walking and other everyday movements impact your body, read the full article at here.

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