Norm Architects, home renovation in Suffolk


In Suffolk, Norm Architects’ Pavilion House aims for a transparent design with large windows that blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. The house consists of two main volumes – one of which is pre-existing – accompanied by an old barn with technical installations.

The new building, more than 30 meters long, rests on a dark basalt podium; the steel load-bearing structure was reduced to a minimum to allow the construction of a ribbon of windows. The local larch cladding harmonizes the two wings of the residence, connected by an L-shaped room with a grand piano and an office area.

The living room, in direct dialogue with the fields that surround the house thanks to the full-height bay windows. (Ph. Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen)

The old, more closed building was used as a sleeping area, while the contemporary part is an open space with the living room, the dining area and the kitchenette. Separating the rooms, a curtain creates on the one hand a niche for the wood stove, on the other hand serves as a support for the worktop and kitchen furniture. The neutral color palette and all-white walls help highlight the views of the green meadows and fields that surround the house. The old agricultural infrastructure, which originally measured more than five thousand square meters, has been suitably resized and transformed into the “green heart” of the house. Inside there are systems for storing the energy produced by the roof panels and barrels for collecting and reusing rainwater.

The kitchen, with a snack bar and a dining table. (Ph. Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen)

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