Now luxury beauty brands are even making housework chic


Diptyque is the latest luxury fragrance brand to venture into home care. Its La Droguerie collection is described as “an invitation to take care of the interior of your home, combining beauty and utility and sensual pleasure while respecting the environment”. The collection is the definition of lust, and includes a Multi-Surface Cleaner with Vinegar, £32to keep your kitchen sparkling, Orange Blossom Dish Soap, £32which actually makes washing up enjoyable after a Sunday roast, and the Beeswax Leather & Wood Care Lotion, £24which is incredibly chic and can make your furniture shine again.

“Perfuming your home completely changes its mood and atmosphere, depending on the fragrance you have chosen. It’s similar to how you would choose an outfit or makeup – it’s another way to reflect your personality and how you feel at the time,” says Amanda Morgan, Managing Director of Diptyque in the UK. . “Today more than ever, taking care of our homes has become a priority and a source of well-being.”

A fleet of brands merge the things we love most about our beauty routines – the refined fragrances, the refined packaging and the sense of ritual – with simple, naturally-derived ingredients and essential oils. Brands like Purdy & Fig, which works with essential oils, refillable bottles and formulas that you dilute yourself at home. best selling Counter Clean pack, £30comes with a forever bottle and a choice of essential oil blend.

colt and willow describes its line of all-purpose cleaners, dish soap, scrubs and potty sprays as “home beauty products”. Instagram-friendly dark glass bottles should be proudly displayed on a counter and not forgotten under the kitchen sink. His bestseller Geranium Leaf All Purpose Cleaner, £12leaves your home serene.

Likewise, Kinfill is super chic and formulated with the kinds of fragrant ingredients you might expect from a fine fragrance, like neroli, orris, patchouli and vetiver – except instead of adorning your skin, the products perfume your surfaces. The formulations are sold as 10ml essences, which you pour into a glass bottle and dilute with water before use.

Refillable and waterless formulas are huge trends in luxury home care. things at home is completely without water, with cleaning “sprays”, £18 (for a kit)and floor cleaning pods, £8packaged as tablets that you combine with water before use. KinnRefill Revolution offers 30ml glass bottles than household maintenance concentrates based on essential oils, to be diluted with water. Meanwhile Spruce, like many skincare brands, formulates with the gut microbiome in mind. It eschews chemicals thought to disrupt the good bacteria in the gut and instead combines gentle ingredients and essential oils into a waterless powder that only requires dilution before use.

Thanks to Sally Hughes, Founder and CEO of Kair, it’s not just our kitchens and bathrooms that are getting the luxury beauty treatment. Sally left a successful career in fashion to launch a line of fine laundry products, with the aim of encouraging us to buy fewer clothes and take care of the ones we already own, so we can enjoy them longer. His Clothes wash, £18, Fabric conditioner, £18and Finishing sprays, £14are truly exceptional.

“Laundry is a universal human experience that is both olfactory and sentimental. So it was important to me from the start that Kair’s fragrances evoke a refined scent – ​​with top, middle and base notes,” she says. “The scent of clothes forms the first layer of our overall scent identity and deserves something as lofty as a traditional scent – especially since it might just be your only scent if you don’t wear one. other.” On this point Hughes certainly delivered on their promise, their blend of cedarwood, amber and iris is out of this world and sets the perfect tone for any woody or green scent you might choose to spray on your skin. afterwards.


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