Orange Park’s Joshua Palin offers five home improvement projects you can do yourself

Joshua Palin Orange Park

As a DIY expert, Joshua Palin of Orange Park is often called upon for home improvement advice. Many Americans have been forced to postpone any upgrades or repairs to their property due to the inflation issues currently ravaging the economy. Joshua Palin encourages those who don’t want to wait to take on certain projects themselves. Yes, the first DIY project can seem overwhelming to the uninitiated. However, some simple projects can have a big impact on the look of a home. Below, Joshua Palin of Orange County will discuss some projects that newcomers to the DIY game can complete without breaking the bank.

New coat of paint on the front door

One thing that is often underestimated in the process of selling a home is the importance of attractiveness to potential buyers. The front door is the first impression of the house. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way toward creating a welcoming home. When you are in charge of painting a new color on the front door, it is not enough to choose a color. The first step should be to select a bait and watch the predictions. After applying a primer to the door, usually using a roller, it will be important to allow the door to dry before painting. Pick a weekend with sunny skies in the forecast to allow plenty of time to dry after applying the primer and paint color of your choice.

Configure Outback Fairy Lights

Joshua Palin of Orange Park enjoys his time in his garden. Whether a homeowner has an entire patio, a small porch, or just a backyard, string lights can turn any backdoor into a welcoming gathering spot. It’s an extremely simple process for hanging up the lights and it will instantly provide a reason for everyone in the house to spend a little less time on their phones and a little more time enjoying mother nature.

Try Stick and Peel Wallpaper

Struggling to commit to your home decor selections? Consider sticking and peeling wallpaper! In addition to being an affordable option, stick and peel wallpaper allows for flexibility in home decorating. All you need to apply peel and stick wallpaper is a freshly sanded wall and some painter’s tape. Joshua Palin encourages beginners to choose a small room in the house first. Not only will this teach how to apply wallpaper, but it will also help determine whether or not the chosen style is a keeper for another room in the house.

Replace your shower curtains

Just as the front door has a huge impact on the curbside value of the house, the shower curtain plays a huge role in establishing the style of any bathroom. It takes up a lot of space, and the curtain design can completely transform any bathroom without costing the homeowner a lot of money. Before purchasing a new shower curtain, it is important to measure the old curtain rod and understand exactly what size is needed. After collecting measurements, it is much easier to explore in-store options that match what is required.

Organize your pantry with baskets

Joshua Palin knows that most homes could use a little extra space, especially in crowded pantries. Having an organized pantry makes life easier for every member of the family. Baskets that cost less than ten dollars apiece can be labeled to house different pantry favorites. Categories can include bread, linens, snacks, drinks, spices, etc. All it takes is a basket and a label maker. This project is also a great way to find outdated items as the owner walks by and places each item in their dedicated cart.


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