Prue Leith’s friends are ‘horrified’ by their home renovation with husband John


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The color is Chez Dame Prue Leith strong. Celebrity Baking Judge is known for her vibrant outfits, her eclectic jewelry collection and, of course, her colorful career. Yet the celebrity chef’s penchant for all things attention-grabbing goes well beyond her screen presence.

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Over the years, Prue, 82, has shared glimpses of her amazing home which boasts a dazzling array of vibrant hues. From canary yellow to turquoise, bright red to pink, the star’s home is a curated color bomb of unique furniture, fixtures and decorations.

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HELLO! spoke to Great British Bake Off star Prue on how she infused her Surrey home with technicolor, creating a space that is undoubtedly uplifting on rainy days and bucks traditional interiors in the most cheerful way.

Prue Leith on her colorful house

When it comes to talking about homes, Prue Leith doesn’t shy away. The Great British Bake Off star is generous in discussing her home’s interior – which looks like a kaleidoscopic visual feast. Opting for a brighter color palette for her Surrey home, Prue strongly believes in making a home not just a retreat, but a show.

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“I’m obsessed with color – definitely,” says the beloved TV host. Given Prue’s vivacious wardrobe, it’s no surprise that monochrome is out of the question when it comes to decorating a new home. “I find gray or sterile white really depressing,” she admits. “It’s like a hotel and it’s so impersonal – like living in a bathroom.”

Designing and furnishing a home is often seen as a daunting task, but Prue had the help of her husband John Playfair, a retired fashion designer, to help bring the space to life: “My husband and I love color so we split the rooms. He did the library and I did the kitchen – the two biggest rooms.”

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She continued: “He is obsessed with books and has thousands and thousands of them. The library is bright red and has a green floor. The red and green go wonderfully – one of the classic colors. It was a barn before we hit it looked pretty scary, so bright red – fire red was the color and all of our friends were horrified and saying things like, ‘I bet you’re gonna be changing that color in too long .’ Of course, once it’s covered in books and pictures, red is a great color to accent paintings.”


Prue is known for her penchant for color

In 2021, when she moved into the new home, Prue shared some snaps of her canary-yellow kitchen on Instagram, which has since featured in the background of several social media posts. Fans loved the striking color, which Prue chose for its shocking shine: “I like very bright and cheerful kitchens. I hate all those cloudy colors. I like light and crisp colors, so I have a yellow and white kitchen. It’s so sunny and cheerful, especially now because we have a large bowl of daffodils in the middle of the painting.”

The conversation continues upstairs, where Prue details the layout of the bedrooms. “For my room, I chose the color. There is a second room and I call it the ‘banishment room’. The snorer’s room! To be honest, none of us were banished to the room for snoring or whatever. It’s also John’s dressing room and an extra bedroom. He chose the colors for it and I was horrified at first. It was brown and pink and yet it works. Looks fantastic. Mine is bright turquoise.”

Prue’s turquoise bedroom is home to the house’s piece de resistance – a light fixture on which only host GBBO’s extensive jewelry collection is worth displaying. “I have a wall of necklaces,” the star reveals. “On the wall, I have huge metal trees covered with little hooks to hang all my necklaces on. One of the shafts has a parallel rolling pin ladder and you can remove the rolling pins and slip bracelets and bracelets into it. So that’s the bracelet tree, then there are two huge necklace trees and four little tree additions for my earrings. The whole wall is made up of jewels and it looks amazing.”


Prue has an amazing jewelry collection

It’s the kind of installation that honors Prue’s theory that homes are treasures in addition to shrines. Many of us are guilty of hoarding useless objects, clothes or accessories, but Prue gives the perfect justification: “Because I have something like two hundred necklaces, the obsession is ridiculous, I console myself and I think it’s not that I’m just a neurotic collector like Imelda Marcos who collects shoes, but that it’s an art installation.”

Yet for Prue, it’s not just about new. The celebrity chef has recycled furniture from her old home, breathing new life into favorite objects. “We have a chandelier that is in our office. I had an old fashioned chandelier because the office is big and I wanted to reuse the chandelier from my old house. I hung it up and it looked too pompous for an office. So, I put necklaces and spare jewelry all over the place and teacups, because I collect these little old-fashioned bone teacups above the chandelier and they look great.”

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With her vibrant personal touch and preference for the slightly eccentric, Prue Leith continues to light up with her colorful presence both on and off screen.

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