Russians called the most unloved household chores


MOSCOW, February 18. /Then 24/. Russians who took part in the SberUslug and Rambler&Co study rated ironing as the most unloved household chore, and caring for plants turned out to be the most enjoyable. This is stated in the results of a survey that covered 5,000 people and was conducted from February 9-14.

“Among household chores that do not bring pleasure (or joy), Russians singled out ironing clothes (17%), washing dishes (15%), floors (14%) and windows (14% ). 12% voted for wardrobe sorting and dusting. Another 10% said they didn’t like to take care of their indoor flowers, and only 6% said they took out the trash,” the results said on Friday.

At the same time, a third of respondents consider caring for plants to be the most pleasant household task. Just over a quarter of Russians (21%) calm down while doing the dishes. Of those polled, 13% voted for cleaning cupboards, 12% for ironing clothes and 8% each for taking out the trash and washing the floors. Only 3% of respondents turned out not to be against dusting, only 2% of respondents can wash the window with pleasure.

At the same time, 42% of respondents would like to delegate window cleaning to housekeepers, 13% would gladly delegate floor cleaning and ironing. Only 8% would like to entrust the maintenance of plants to specialists. Another 7% of respondents voted to dust and wash the dishes. Above all, the Russians would like to entrust someone with the analysis of the wardrobe (5%) and the removal of the garbage (5%).

Almost a quarter of Russians (19%) admitted that they always listen to music when doing household chores, and 16% never do. The others turn on their favorite tunes from time to time while cleaning.

Professional help

Despite the fact that Russians have household chores that they would like to delegate to specialists, only 5% of respondents use the services of assistants more than once a month. Another 14% have turned to specialized services several times and 81% of respondents have never called on specialists to help them with daily tasks.

According to the SberUslugi service, Russians are increasingly interested in home help services: for example, in 2021, the demand for cleaning services increased by 43%. Carpet cleaning services were searched 45% more often, and furniture cleaning services were searched 24% more often. In the SberServices service, the Cleaning and Dry cleaning category is in the top 5 of the most popular. Most often, Russians are looking for specialists who are ready to help with maintenance or general cleaning. Growth in demand for these services usually increases in January, and since May, interest in cleaning windows and balconies has traditionally increased.


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