Sara Vale on renovating and living her and Hayden’s home after winning The Block 2018


Hayden and Sara walked away as winners of The block 2018 with a total of $645,000 in prizes.

The couple have since used the funds to renovate their dream home in the seaside suburb of Stanwell Park, New South Wales.

Although the project is not yet complete – with a bathroom and landscaping to be completed – you wouldn’t know it by looking at the stunning interior transformation.

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Hayden and Sara stayed in a rental property down the road while construction was completed, and were able to move in and enjoy the new space during the coronavirus pandemic when restrictions kept us mostly at home.

“It really feels like vacation every day. When you feel that way in the house you love, it’s the perfect combination,” Sara told 9Entertainment.

Block 2018 winners Hayden and Sara with their children Lawson and Harlow. (Instagram)

The home renovation features a mix of urban, coastal, and natural influences reflecting the area, which includes ocean views and a rainforest escarpment.

“We’ve made the palette quite neutral, but we have deep ocean blue for our millwork. We have it for upstairs and the kitchen, we also have it in the laundry room, and our walk-in closet and also downstairs is gray dark,” Sara said.

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“The reason we did this is because if we were to sell our house – mind you, we don’t want to sell our house – it would just be a general soothing palette throughout the house. wouldn’t have to come in and change the carpentry, it would be like a lick of paint for them if they wanted to change anything on the walls.”

Hayden and Sara the Block
The kitchen is next to a balcony where Hayden and Sara can enjoy beautiful views of the escarpment. (Provided)

Hayden and Sara’s house also has a striking ceiling, which was a highlight of the project for the Hayden.

“The sloped ceiling was by far the best part of the build for me. I was really experimenting and pushing myself in terms of the design, but it worked really well. I used Gyprock plasterboard Supaceil on all of our ceilings, including the sloped ceiling, and the finish is smooth and sleek,” he said.

Hayden and Sara the Block
Hayden and Sara went neutral and industrial with coastal and natural influences for their renovation. (Provided)

Sara has a different favorite feature, which surprises Hayden and herself.

“I love my laundry. I didn’t know I could be so in love with a laundry space, and there’s nothing fancy about our laundry or anything like that, but it literally has everything in it. you need,” Sara explained.

“It’s a small space but we made it extremely large…because we were able to open up the space by using the mirror as a credenza, it became the most calming place in the house – I really appreciate that.

“Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy the master suite because I designed the whole thing. So I love our bedroom and en-suite bathroom and en-suite walk-in closet, but the next best space would have to be the laundry room for me .”

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Hayden and Sara the Block
Sara loves the master suite, but admits the laundry room renovation went so well that it’s now her favorite room. (Provided)

Hayden and Sara’s children, Harlow and Lawson, also have gorgeous new bedrooms from the renovation.

These spaces feature a softer palette, with pops of color throughout furniture and interior decor, like the yellow bedding in Harlow’s bedroom.

And to ensure a calm and peaceful space for parents and children, the couple used Gyprock Superchek and Supaceil plasterboard on the walls and ceilings to reduce sound transmission between rooms.

Hayden and Sara the Block
Harlow’s bedroom features soothing colors with a splash of fun yellow. (Provided)

With the renovation largely complete and COVID-19 restrictions eased, life is relatively back to normal for Hayden and Sara.

Hayden is all about construction work, while Sara is back in the air as a flight attendant. The duo also collaborate on construction projects for clients, with Hayden handling the building and Sara handling the interior design.

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Sara continues to be recognized since her appearance on The block 2018, but recently rose to fame as “TikTok’s favorite flight attendant.”

“During COVID I tried a little TikTok and my TikTok kind of exploded. So now every time I’m on the plane I get, ‘Oh wow, you’re Sara from The block and also TikTok, so people are starting to recognize me, I guess you could say,” she laughed.

Hayden and Sara are still good friends with each other To block teams from the 2018 season. Most of them got together in May last year for Spence’s 50th birthday, but Western Australian couple Courtney and Hans couldn’t because of the border closure.

Sara hopes all five teams can catch up this year to celebrate Hayden’s 50th birthday.

Hayden and Sara winners of The Block 2018
Hayden and Sara celebrate The Block’s victory with the other competitors after the 2018 auction. (Sara and Hayden are The Block 2018 / Nine winners)

But don’t expect to see the couple return to compete on The block as an All Stars anytime soon, though Sara is set to return to another title.

“It would be fun, but I don’t think they would choose us because we’ve already won. So for us, we have nothing to prove… I would never say no to making an appearance in The blockwe love these guys, we love working with them,” she said.

Sara, however, teased the possibility of another TV project unrelated to the construction, although she wants to spend time with her family at her recently renovated property.

“There are a few things that could be in store for us in 2022,” she hinted.

“But I’m really looking forward to the future and being able to relax in our house and settle in properly, and pick up the pace of things because we haven’t stopped since 2018.”

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