Save on Home Furniture from Burrow


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There is no perfect time to buy new furniture. In fact, we don’t usually consider investing in new furniture until something unexpectedly breaks and needs to be replaced immediately. But if there was a favorite shopping window for a new sofa, dresser, bed frame or credenza, it would probably be now, while Burrow’s spring sale takes up to $600 off new furniture when you use the promotional code FLOWERING at the register.

Along with modern sectionals, armchairs and ottomans, the New York-based homeware designer also offers items for the bedroom, home office, bathroom and more. A modern rug adds color and texture to any room, matching wall shelves showcase your knick-knack collection, and a new standing desk enhances your work-from-home life.

What we’re really trying to say is that no matter what your home needs, Burrow has you covered. And even if you’re not sure what you need but think it’s time to invest in some new furniture, now is the time.


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