Scottie Scheffler uses Masters green jacket to not do chores


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  • Scottie Scheffler is already using his green Masters jacket to his advantage.
  • The 2022 Masters champion uses the green jacket to avoid household chores.
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In 86 editions of the Masters, only 55 different men have had the chance to wear the green jacket. Scottie Scheffler became No. 55 last week with his dominating performance at Augusta National as his name entered golf’s historic win list.

Winning a green jacket is life-changing in many ways, but it’s also a built-in excuse to avoid chores, at least for Scheffler.

Scheffler is taking full advantage of being a Masters champion around the house.

The 25-year-old joked for golf summary that he keeps the green jacket handy when he has to refrain from doing something his wife asks him to do.

“I just put it around the house a few times trying to play with Meredith,” Scheffler said of his wife. “When she tries to get me to do the dishes or something, I put the jacket on and I’m like, ‘Really, I still have to do this? I had fun with her with it.

Scottie Scheffler’s wife Meredith helped him win the green jacket

It’s safe to say that Scheffler owes his wife some dish cleaning efforts after playing a big part in his quest to win the 2022 Masters.

After his victory, Scheffler explained that he had a tough Sunday morning, but Meredith was there to calm him down and tell him everything he needed to hear at the time.

“I cried like a baby this morning” Scheffler Explain. “I was so stressed. I didn’t know what to do. I was sitting there saying to Meredith, ‘I don’t think I’m ready for this’. I’m not ready, I don’t feel ready for this kind of thing. I just felt overwhelmed.

“She was like, ‘Who are you to say you’re not ready?’ What we talked about is that God is in control and the Lord leads me; and if today is my time, it is my time.

It’s hard not to love Scottie Scheffler; a guy who just tries not to do the dishes like the rest of us.


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