Sea of ​​Thieves Season 7 Deep Dive Focuses on Ship Decoration and Captain Perks


Season 7 brought big changes to Sea of ​​Thieves. The new update adds more to the game, Captaincy, Sovereigns, Milestones and many more, and from now on, a brief overview of the change from the beginning, we have seen it much closer.

The rare developer’s Season 7 Deep Dive video doesn’t do exactly what it says: it shows us how these new additions will work in more detail. The captaincy is a big problem here. You will become a captain, get your own ship and name it. This name can inspire, says creative director Mike Chapman. It’s quite funny. It means something about you. There are three sizes to choose from: sloop, brigantine and galleon. You can have one of each, and once one reaches legendary status, you can buy the same stuff. Over time, you can have a full fleet.

To reach your legend, you must complete milestones. These are uncapped, persistent in-game achievements that chronicle your adventures. They are used to playing different rules and give you the prize for quests, visiting new places and other activities. You can take your captains’ personal journals with you in order to track voyages, but be prepared to protect them: your captains’ journals can be stolen and sold to Reapers Bones if you steal and swing.

You can also tell the story by wearing a captain’s cabin. This is a custom space for your ship that is designed to serve as your home base, with furniture and other decorations arranged to suit your needs. You can also search for trinkets, called physical trophies acquired through tasks. Some realization is bigger, says senior concept artist Victoria Hall. Several personality types are considered distinct. In a nice sense, you can drop them around the room if your ship is messing around at sea.

The Sovereigns take off when he is in season 7 as captain. This group proudly thinks of pale faces and powdered wigs. They will definitely talk to you if they are not captains. From the shipbuilder outposts, you can complete quests for any trading company. This new magazine is easy to remove before taking it.

There’s a ton of stuff coming to Sea of ​​Thieves with Season 7 – and you won’t have to wait long for an entire week to try it all out. The Season 7 start date is Sunday, August 14, just under two weeks from the date of this writing. This season will benefit from the best offers. For the second season, if we are still in bed, you have to claim them.


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