Shapes from the home furniture collection by Levi Christiansen


Dezeen showroom: American designer Levi Christiansen traveled through his childhood dreams to create the tables, seats and shelves for the Shapes from Home collection, which explores otherworldly imagery through carpentry.

Christiansen was inspired to create the Shapes from the Home collection after his mother had a chance encounter with an oracle, who recalled the vivid dreams he had as a child.

The Shapes from Home collection includes the Plural coffee table with marble top

This prompted him to revisit the imagery of those dreams, in which he frequently visited a house he had never seen in real life. The surreal shapes of the Shapes from Home collection are derived from these dreams.

The Plural coffee table, for example, features oblong walnut wood panels with green marble tops and legs in the form of triangular prisms, mixing rounded and angular shapes.

The Rhoco chair, which features a wedge-shaped backrest covered with wool and mohair loop
The Rhoco chair features a wedge-shaped backrest covered with wool and mohair loop

Made with traditional woodworking techniques, the Rhoco chair contrasts a wedge-shaped backrest covered in wool and mohair loop with a flat, tapered frame.

The Juntos shelf has subtle divisions in its symmetry that highlight the beauty of the cascading carpentry while the Horse side table has a sculptural presence, with two playfully tapered legs supporting a cantilevered top.

Walnut wood with split side panels
The Juntos shelf is made of solid walnut wood

Finally, the There, there sofa is almost completely covered in ink-colored leather, with a contrasting wooden back and feet. All the pieces are in solid walnut wood.

“While Shapes From Home is inspired by an abstract idea, my design philosophy is rooted in creating balanced and beautiful furniture,” Christiansen said.

The photograph is by Mark Peterman.

Product: House shapes
Designate: Levi Christiansen
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