Sisters take poison after arguing over chores, 1 dies | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: Two underage sisters reportedly quarreled over the division of household chores between them in Nishatpura locality on Tuesday afternoon. Their mother berated them to do their respective jobs, after which she and her younger daughter walked out. The 17-year-old older sister, upset after the incident, took poison and her condition began to deteriorate.
Her mother rushed her to hospital for treatment, where she died. Meanwhile, the 16-year-old sister, who was left home alone, also consumed the same poison and is undergoing treatment at a hospital where doctors said her condition was critical and she was on a ventilator .
Nishatpura Police said one case had been registered.
ASI Investigator Chhatrapal Singh said Hasmukh Verma hails from Sehore and currently resides here at Janta Nagar in Karond region of Nishatpura. He works as a mechanic in a workshop in Kabadkhana. His family includes his wife, eldest daughter Sheetal, 17, a class 12 student, younger daughter Shivani, 16, a class 11 student and youngest son, 12.
ASI Singh said family members told police that the two sisters often argued over how to divide household chores between them. Their mother advised them to take turns sharing the work. ASI Singh said that on Tuesday morning, Hasmukh and his son traveled to Sehore to attend the funeral of a relative. His wife took the wheat out of the store and after putting away the celphos tablets, which were kept with the wheat to protect it from insects, she went out to wash the wheat. Around 9 a.m., the two sisters got into an argument about housework. When their mother heard the noise, she came inside and scolded them. Afterwards, she went out and took care of her work.
A few minutes later, she began to vomit and revealed to her mother that she had consumed poison. Her mother rushed her to a private hospital at Karond Medical College where she died at 4 p.m.
Meanwhile, Shivani, who also consumed the poison, was rushed to a private hospital in Shahjehanabad where she is undergoing treatment.

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