Snow, ice or early morning


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — It was still dark, snowing and cold at the State Fairgrounds just before 6 a.m. on a March morning in 2022.

The stables were still fairly quiet, many animals asleep.

But, for 9th graders like Hagen Cundiff, hours like these are precious.

“I love it,” he tells us.

Him and her nearly 260 pounds. golden cross light are still standing before he had to go to school in Perkins, OK.

“Go get food, make sure everything is okay, then go to school,” he continues.

Not so long ago, Cundiff was looking for the best of 27 pigs to compete in the Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYY).

He decided his winner by the way she carried his weight and her lazy attitude.

“She’s pretty lazy,” he smiles.

This quality, he argues, makes her look relaxed in the ring.

“She’s pretty quiet, so she’s a good showman,” says Hagen.

Addyson Schneberger got up early too.

“I was up at 4:45 in the morning,” she said, squinting.

As a 9th grader at Carnegie, she too used to feed and water her Boer goat before school.

Girl washing goat

“Especially this morning because it was snowing,” she admits, “But we’ve been working all year so you can’t come to the barn and get the goats ready to show this afternoon.”

It doesn’t take long to see places like Barn #7 wake up.

OYE officials like Cass Newell insist it’s the time of year they all look forward to, and the barns are almost always a bit warmer than the ones the kids are working in at home.

“They’re excited,” she said. “Now is the time for them to reap the rewards and we see the hard work paying off.”

For most of two weeks, the Oklahoma Youth Expo brings together the types of children you would like to hire to mow lawns or babysit.

They are quite busy at the moment and until the end of the expo.

Then they start working next year.

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